Known bugs/issues with latest X7 firmware

Discussion in 'FiiO' started by csglinux, Oct 28, 2016.
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  1. csglinux
    FW 3.1.7beta is now available here:
    with the following additions/fixes:
    1. Added default album art image customization (can be enabled/disabled in FiiO Music->Settings-> Customize album art image)
    2. Added lyrics display on lockscreen (can be enabled/disabled in FiiO Music->Settings->Lockscreen lyrics)
    3. Fixed issue where Power-off timers couldn't be turned off under Pure Music Mode 
    4. Fixed issue where the display of the track list in the Now Playing menu would not refresh automatically after the list was changed
    5. Fixed issue where incorrect album art image display of CUE/iSO tracks after downloading 
    6. Fixed possibility of lyrics adjustment failure
    7. Fixed issue where no sound after switching from iSO tracks to CUE tracks when Gapless playback is on
    8. Improved online matching between lyrics and album art
    9. Improved issue where the title of some tracks was displayed incorrectly
  2. OBA 49ner
    also after start the player i get this effect together with a little fade in.
    When launching from playlist (intern or extern), get this effect intermittently.
  3. JaviAl
    Wating for the scanning fix and international characters correct displaying.
    1. Allow various artists, genres, etc. in a TAG separated by semicolon.
    2. Allow lyrics from TAGS: LYRICS and UNSYNCKED_LYRICS.
    3. More use of ID3 TAGS: Track Number, Disc Number, Artist, Composer, Year, Ratings.
    4. Allow library to search, order and select by ratings.
    5. Allow Fonts size selection for Fiio Music App. Some people has eye visibility problems.
    6. Allow landscape mode. Like other Android players.
    7. Allow to Queue a song to be the next to play when the actual playing song finished.
    Make the FiiO Player the best Android Player in the world that actually not exist. Sometimes in the past like iRiver H-100 Series and Rockbox. 
  4. csglinux
    And... we're at 3.1.8beta:

    This FW update appears to have squashed our (previous) number one-rated bug, which was the inability to scan large files with lots of embedded artwork. Here is the change log:
    1. Fixed issue where a scan may fail on too many songs with embedded album cover
    2. Added the function of Play through Artist/ Genre/Album(turn ON the Play through folders) 
    3. Modified Album to be the default display choice under the list of Artist/Genre
    4. Fixed issue where FiiO Music may exit abnormally when playing songs from other paths after playing DLNA songs
    5. Fixed issue where incorrect display after removing and recovering the songs cover 
    6. Fixed issue where AIF files can not display album cover
    7. Fixed issue where MCU may fail to update

    Note: After this upgrade, FiiO suggest deleting the album(internal_sd\FiiOMusic) folder and then scanning for songs on FiiO Music again. (Please make sure the FiiO Music app is closed before deleting the album folder.)

  5. csglinux
    FiiO also appear to have fixed the issue of correct alphabetical ordering of files and folders. Great job, FiiO! :)
    I still have an issue with play-through-folders. At the end of one folder, play jumps back to the first (or some random) track instead of continuing to the next folder. Is anybody else seeing this?
  6. kiwimcc
    The frustrating thing is that the alphabetical ordering (in song, artist, album or folder view) is perfect I when order items by clicking the little folder icon, but it is not right (almost random-looking in places) when I click the "a-z" icon. The scrolling with the edge of the screen to select the first letter only works with the "a-z" icon. This means I can only have either correct alphabetical ordering, or scrolling by first letter, but not both.
    I am actually puzzled about what these icons are supposed to do. Why have them both? What is the "a-z" icon supposed to do? Is it supposed to order alphabetically? (It doesn't.) If so, then what is the folder icon for? (It does order alphabetically.) 
  7. peter1480
     I'm not convinced the alpabetical order is sorted, I still think it is only using the first letter I have
    Hit Parade
    Johnny Van Zant
    Jazz for summer
    Joan Baez
    in folder view
    Fiio app has been cleared, the usual folders deleted, cash emptied, rescanned
  8. kiwimcc
    If you click the little folder icon (rather than the a-z icon) in any view you should get correct alphabetical ordering.
  9. peter1480

    yes, I've just discovered that, you have to do it each time you change from a-z to z-a
  10. JaviAl
    My first correct scanning since firmware 2.0. Now scanning all songs. First time not returning back fo FW 2.0 and sticking and trying FW 3.1.x.
    Also international characters seems to be fixed. 
  11. csglinux
    Woohoo! Thanks for the feedback! :)
  12. kiwimcc
    Almost. I have an artist starting with Ü. This character still displays as a Chinese character. Strangely, however, the lower case 
    ü does display correctly.​

  13. csglinux
    FW3.1.9_beta is now out:
    Here are the main updates and bug fixes:

    1) Added option to return to the root directory with just one click while in the Folder view menu;
    2) Fixed issue where FiiO Music would exit abnormally after creating a FiiO Music widget in the home screen;
    3) Fixed issue where the ViPER effect would not work after restarting the player;
    4) Fixed issue where the track number display and track skipping under a folder/album might not work properly;
    5) Fixed issue where FiiO Music would exit abnormally when switching the display between different track lists;
    6) Fixed issue where the now playing list would be displayed incorrectly when resume playing a song;
    7) Fixed issue where the Sleep timer value would not be reset after the Sleep function took effect;
    8) Fixed issue where the set value of Idle poweroff timer might change after restarting the player;
    9) Fixed issue where the idle poweroff function would still take effect when in DAC mode;

    Number 9 is a big one for me. Thanks FiiO!

    One other issue that seems to have been fixed is playing through folders. That always used to work in the sense that play did continue beyond the last track in a particular album folder, but the next track played often wasn't what I'd have expected - the FiiO music app would often jump to a random track. My X7 seems to be working ok now in that regard. Anybody else still having problems with play-through-folders?
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  14. csglinux
    One minor issue (not a new bug in 3.1.9 though)... Try pausing playback, scrub to a new area of the track and then hit play. The FiiO music app flushes its play buffer by playing you a second of the previous section of the track before jumping to the selected area. Not a big deal, but also not exactly how I'd expect it to work. (It doesn't happen if you scrub without pausing playback.)
  15. ddtdave
    Is RM1 able to link to the X7 again yet?
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