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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. shockdoc
    Best inexpensive upgrade cable for the Blon 03 on 11-11?
  2. baskingshark
    If u don't mind the cables not sitting flush (as the BLON cable housing has a unique design), u can consider the NiceHCK 8 core copper cable, retails ~ $6 - 7 USD during the 11/11 sale. Some people want it to be flush though, but it works perfectly fine for me, plus it can be reused on other IEMs unlike some angled para C/QDC type cables that only fit certain CHIFI.

    I think some shops now in AE bundle some banned brand cables (angled specially for fitting the BLON) with the BLON.

    We can discuss this further in the BLON thread, as this is the KZ thread, but there're many options out there.

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  3. oMalakai
    Hey, thanks for the recommendations guys. I ended up getting the TRN V90, and a close friend of mine got a CCA C12. Whenever they get here, I will probably meet with him to compare 'em and see if I made the right choice lol.

    I will report back with my impressions whenever that happens.
  4. mbwilson111
    You both made the right choice:)
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  5. DynamicEars
    Both of you will not disappointed, there is nothing wrong with those 2 and to date, I can't really say which is the clear winner between V90 and ZSX (similarly to C12), both have great sound for the price, just matter of preferences. V90 more fun sounding with more v shaped with slamming bass, while ZSX/C12 more techie with separation and details
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  6. blockchainhero
    I just ordered the KZ ZSX, Blon BL-03, and the Tin T2. Are these three typically considered the same “tier”? Thanks.
  7. chinmie
    more or less the same level, but they all have different signatures. they're some of the best in their price range, so you can compare which signature you'd like the most
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  8. khighly
  9. Baten
    I ordered the Blon, and I'm considering TFZ T2 and KZ ZSX.

    has anyone compared the TFZ and the ZSX? I definitely want the BLON but not sure about the other
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  10. DynamicEars
    He was referring to TinAudio T2 instead of TFZ T2

    but if you are curious about that 2 :
    T2 more punchy and slightly v shaped compared to more balanced ZSX
    midrange on ZSX are more forwarded
    separation and imaging goes to ZSX
    TFZ T2 will be more fun with more bass and treble
    Fit T2 maybe more comfortable
    Soundstage bigger in ZSX
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  11. Baten

    Think I'm gonna go Blon + TFZ T2
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  12. oMalakai
    Hope so! He is coming from the ZS3 so, it's gonna be interesting.

    That sounds about what I expected tbh but yeah, at least I will get to compare 'em so that's probably gonna put my mind to ease...or not x)
    Now, we just have to wait anyway.
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  13. xxAMAROKxx
    CCA C12 treble mod

    • This mod tames only high frequency 30095 BA. Can be used also on KZ ZSX.
    1. Remove the grill. Remaining glue will still be useful. There is a BA tweeter right under that.

    2. Place taming material on the top of the BA nozzle and cover it with the grill. Material should hold in place, because there is a very little space between BA and grill.
    • I have very good results with adhesive tape or patch. I'll also try a tissue.

    • Treble is now placed far from head, darker, less airy. Its very musical for me, when listening to rock or metal music. Voices are same, but hi-hats or cymbals are tamed. 20191113_182641z.jpg
    Last edited: Nov 13, 2019
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  14. DynamicEars
    Great. I post similar mods to zsx to reduce the harsh edge of zsx to sound smoother few weeks back. Using animal sponge :grimacing:
  15. khighly
    I'm so happy that you're saying this. I've been wanting a brighter KZ since the original ZS6's :ksc75smile:

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