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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. Gustavo1976
    I bought bad versión and I'm returning that to the seller :s
  2. Damikiller37
    Yeah it sounds like all other frequencies are not playing. Kinda like hearing your neighbors music through a wall. You will know right away if something is wrong.
  3. RikudouGoku
    What problems are there on the nonfixed version? Because I am buying a lot of things from that seller so I wish to add the Bluetooth adapter so that I don't have to pay the cost that comes with more packages and just add them all to one single package
  4. Gustavo1976
    Sounds really bad. Only bad bass sound. You compare it with the basic bluetooth cable of kz, the cheaper bluetooth cable and you can hear the difference inmediatly.
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  5. Dani157
    How does fixed version sound? Does it still suffer from connectivity issues?
  6. khighly
    I may be interested in trading IT03 for Kanas Pro....if anyone's interested in that, ping me.
    It sounds like it's using an incorrect bluetooth profile meant for calling & conversations, maybe 6-8Khz low pass. It basically sounds like AM Radio from a car, but a little better. It says "power off" when you power it on. Just hearing the lows though, it sounds really good and does aptX HD as advertised.

    There were zero range/skipping issues, I could walk around my apartment and even to my mailboxes in the hallway without it dropping. On my last aptX cable I couldn't even walk into the kitchen with my phone on the dining room table without it skipping. I'd say the hardware side is fixed.
  7. auraldesire95
    I may just be blind, but I cannot find the KZ ZST Pro in Carbon on the official AliExpress store?
  8. mbwilson111

    It is not called Pro.. they called the colorful one that, but I always heard that they sound the same. Also the carbon is called black... that pattern is why it is sometimes called carbon.
  9. auraldesire95
    Ah, thank you very much. I appreciate you pointing me in the right direction.
  10. Gustavo1976
    Someone knows if Kz shows some notice about the bluetooth cable problem?
  11. khighly
    They messaged me after I ordered and told me it was broken and they would send a new one. I believe if you order it from their store, you will get a fixed one.
  12. macky112
    I am thinking having a “back up” set to the ZS7 that I don’t mind losing or getting damaged, so maybe the current ZS5 since it’s a 4 driver set as the better value than CA4 and ZSN Pro?
  13. ShakyJake
    Maybe "Pro" just means "out of beta testing and final tuning applied" :)
    Last edited: May 25, 2019
  14. moisespr123
    I think I'll settle with the ZS10 Pro. It's more musical than the AS16. The AS16 sounds just too boring/flat to me. ZS10 Pro has more bass and brighter treble.
    Thanks for this "trick". Yup, sounds like the KZ ZS7 bass now. Sweet! :)
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  15. tgx78
    Same thing I noticed when I go from ZS10 Pro to c16. C16 sounds too bright and lacks sub-bass.
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