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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. Caipirina
    Anyone else notice the mention of an AS16 for the C pin type? Is there a 3DD+5BA hybrid in the works???

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  2. voicemaster
  3. voicemaster
    Speaking of bluetooth module, I find TRN bt3 to be the most reliable and easy to use from all other bluetooth models that I have used so far. I have kz bluetooth cavle with aptX, it sounds good, but you have to wear it near the source otherwise the connection will intermittently cut on and off. It is ideal for desk application, horrible for portable. Trn bt20, sounds good, but build quality is not as good as bt3 as I have the left button stuck whenever I plugged in to charge. Also, the pinching mechanism might not ideal for iem like zs7 or zs6, as it will pinch the sharp edge of the iem to your ear lobe.
  4. voicemaster
    Huawei mate 20x with trn bt3 and kz zsn pro.
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  5. Deveraux
    Got the ZS7 today and uhm.... I'm disappointed. Tried with the silver gold trn cable too.

    Right now my ZS5 v1 sounds better. Both sounds similar with the ZS5 being more clearer. I don't know if burning in will improve it. But even if it does, it's more like a side grade, not an upgrade. I got it thinking it'd have a wider imaging than the ZS5 and I'm really sad that it sounds maybe slightly even more on the face than the ZS5 :/

    I don't know why there is so much of hype when a new kz is launched, I seriously can't understand. Time to move on from kz I believe.
  6. Mybutthurts
    Last edited: Apr 26, 2019
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  7. BCool
    8 BAs per side!? I like the AS10 but even I'm starting to think this driver count is starting to go over the top
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  8. Caipirina
    What uncanny timing :wink:

    But 1500USD? I think they are trying to say 'this configuration SHOULD cost 1500USD, but we are KZ, we can do that for 99$' :)

    Here once more for those of use who don't like clicking twitter links :)

  9. Caipirina
    Let's see ... I have heard one or two reviewers preferring the AS06 over the AS10, because the 10s have become too convoluted ... in the end, the ears (and the wallet) will decide ... and the constant pressure of owning each new KZ :D
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  10. nxnje
    I completely agree.
    There isn't just a personal preferences fact now, the problem is the market is boosting IEMs with more drivers while many of em are not accurately tuned, many of them which still feature sibilance, very sharp highs, unnatural mids and so on.
    They should maybe think more on how they tune the drivers and the quality of their drivers, instead of putting 287282 drivers everywhere.
  11. Deveraux
    Exactly. My ZS5 v1 which is supposedly a 2 driver earphone is better than their own ZS7 with 5 drivers. :| *sigh*
  12. Mybutthurts
    'Should cost'

    my sentiments exactly, but I did raise my eyebrows when I saw the figure.

    Apologies for direct Twitter link but was on the bus at the time. So a quick post.
  13. nxnje
    I have never tried the ZS5 v1 but i like my ZS7 so much.
  14. moisespr123
    Same. The KZ ZS7 are my first and their sound quality is great.

    The KZ ZS10 Pro just arrived in the US and is currently in transit to me. Could be here by next week after it passes customs :)
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  15. nxnje
    ZS7 are not my first pair as i had: AKG 321, KZ ED9, KZ ZS6, KZ ZS3, MEMT X5, Xiaomi Piston Fresh, Pioneer SE-CL711 and many more..
    So i had something to refer and then i received more stuff after the ZS7 (like other 10 pairs of IEMs) and i still love them and how they sound.
    Their soundstage is pretty impressive and their technical ability is great.
    My CCA C10A are anyway a great competitor and i cannot really choose between the C10 and the ZS7..
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