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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. randomnin
    And not like it was the budget niche's idea - they're just aping the multi-k$ TOTL market which makes IEMs with even more drivers than 8 per side.
  2. nraymond
    Are 18 per ear enough for everyone?


    Will we eventually see the KZ ZS36 Pro? :p
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  3. Mouseman
  4. nxnje
    I'd have put profit as first pick.
  5. KimChee
    Well now, this was waiting for me when I got home. It is burning in now, right next to the KZ ZS7.




  6. B9Scrambler
    A/Bing the ZSN, ZSN Pro and CCA C10 right now and dammit, the ZSN Pro is really starting to grow on me...took long enough. It's like a more forward, aggressive sounding version of the C10, though still pretty chill. Imaging is better than the regular ZSN too.

  7. Wiljen
    The next big step for KZ is to start designing and using tuning filters in the sound bores rather than relying on crossover components to handle all the filtering.
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  8. Slater
    Yes, a budget version of the LZ A4
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  9. Wiljen
    I was thinking more the filters for the ba sound tubes themselves as that offers the ability to tune each ba independently.
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  10. voicemaster
    I would like KZ to make an ADEL ala 1964 back then.
  11. Slater
    Yes, definitely. That doesn’t seem to be their thing for some reason. Actually, that’s not really a thing for most budget ChiFi. Why is beyond me, as the filters are not expensive.

    BQEYZ uses filters on their high freq BAs, and it shows. That’s one reason why they’re stuff sounds as good as it does.
  12. anindyameister
  13. moisespr123
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  14. anindyameister
    If only they'd gotten rid of the ceramic antenna. Choppy connection is pretty much the only major downside in an otherwise excellent cable.
  15. purplesun
    You are probably talking about my posts with @Slater and @LaughMoreDaily about hoping for an improved AS10 Pro. Afaik, there is no official news about it.
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