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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. LaughMoreDaily
    For those who haven't heard a lot of KZ's let us know which ones you think sound similar. Thanks. :)
  2. LaughMoreDaily
    Audionab sure doesn't think so. :wink:

    You say the ZS4 cable is the best one that KZ has made but I've heard the same thing about the purple ZSN copper cable.
    Last edited: Dec 15, 2018
  3. WilliamCruz
    Any upgrade to the KZ HDS3?, looking for a non over ear design.
  4. 1clearhead
    Cheers! :smile:
    ...But, In my own personal experience, here's to going broke.:wine_glass::tired_face::thumbsup:
  5. DocHoliday
    BA10 vs ZS6

    Completely different presentations:
    BA10 - instruments positioned in a linear fashion from left to right with good width (soundstage).
    ZS6 - the midrange is not forward but the instruments are set in a semi-cercle around the vocalist/featured instrument.

    BA10 - richer/more dense midrange with less micro-detail in the upper-treble and mid-treble.
    ZS6 - more micro-detail in the lower-treble, more finesse on instrument positioning which facilitates and accentuates layering

    The bass (mid-bass & sub-bass) are very different; can't pick which one is better though. BA10's is full-bodied and slightly dry but clean, ZS6's is quick and slightly wet with great impact.

    Again, very different but great job on both.

    Typical for KZ; sellers often have new models before the KZ Official Store lists them. Sometimes there'll even be exclusive carriers for a given period of time (ES3 & GearBest last year).

    According to these FR graphs the closest, for a KZ, seems to be the AS10 but you'll have to check with someone who owns both. I do not.

    AntDroid AS10 FR graph:

    HeadFlux HDS3 FR graph:

    Completely different rigs/set-ups so these graphs aren't gospel, just noteworthy.

    To my ears the HDS3 has a somewhat holographic presentation. I've not heard anyone describe the AS10 that way so ask around first. The BA10 is open and airy with more linear positioning. The ZS6 soundstage is more akin to the HDS3.

    Hard to go back to its lower resolution but the HDS3 is an old skool favorite of mine. I have three sets and won't be parting with any of them. Well, perhaps one set if someone had an irresistible out-of-production and rare in-ear to swap (Klipsch S4 Reference, original Tennmak Piano, Tennmak C6 Turbo, original SoundMAGIC PL30 , etc.).

    At any rate, hope this was helpful.
    Last edited: Dec 15, 2018
  6. Conest
    Any other KZ basscannons out there ?
    Cant find ED8..
  7. 1clearhead
    For the KZ ZS10 (left PIC) and the CCA C10 (right PIC), the cross-over board (frequency dividing board) and the placement of BA and driver is going to be the "key" for the "better sound signature"! :point_left:

    I'm sure, even the FR Frequency Graph should be different to each other and the drivers might be different. ...Can't wait for my Cyan C10 to get here!
    HTB1YDcTE1SSBuNjy0Flq6zBpVXat.jpg HTB1LU1rX6LuK1Rjy0Fhq6xpdFXap.jpg

    Last edited: Dec 15, 2018
  8. crabdog
    The ZSN cable is definitely a step up from previous versions because KZ removed the pesky memory wire. But the Y-split is still in a stupid position halfway down the cable and it easily becomes a tangled mess.
  9. LUCILLE667
    Glad to see KZ is still keeping that useless third screw on the ZS7.
  10. LaughMoreDaily
    They wanted to make it as screwy looking as possible.
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  11. dondonut
    Received the ZSN a dew days ago, didn't have time for extended listening but KZ nailed it. These things are, like the ZST, very comfy to my ears. The sound these produce for the price is insane. I dig the design so much; I recall a week or so before 11/11, when the ZSN hype train hadn't really started rolling yet, I considered ordering this solely for the design. Value-wise if you look at the whole package I'd imagine nothing really comes close.

    Comparing the ZSN to my BQ3 they sound quite similar. The ZSN to my ears, has ever so slightly more detail retrieval but also sounds a bit harsher as a result. Especially noticable is that mids are more forward, cymbals and claps more 'in your face'. The BQ3 sounds a bit more chilled out in this regard, sound a bit more refined to me. To my ears, the BQ3 show more coherency over the whole frequency spectrum, especially the lower to mid side. However.. the BQ3 costs at least twice as much.

    If I had to choose only one and toss the other, I'd probably go with the BQ3. However, I would also wholeheartedly recommend the ZSN, especially if you're on a budget. I feel that audio gear has come to a point where diminishing returns on investment are becoming increasingly noticable. I know I'm gonna stop purchasing IEMs for a while and might start saving up for a nice dap or dac/amp combi I can hook up to my desktop and phone. That should be a bigger step up in SQ then most decently affordable iems/headphones could be.

    20181215_104202.jpg 20181215_104625.jpg
    Last edited: Dec 15, 2018
  12. 1clearhead
    OK, so I finally received notice that I will receive the CCA C10 in China on Sunday! Finally!!! ...Which, by the way in other countries outside of China would be Saturday.

    Going to party with the brother and sister, KZ ZSN and CCA C10, and do some comparisons! ...Party!!! :balloon::trumpet::raised_hands::stuck_out_tongue::headphones::guitar::balloon:
  13. Deveraux
    Is it only me or what? Received the ZSN and it sounds trash compared to my ZS5v1. Everything else is amazing though from the looks to the fit and comfort.

    The difference is like going from 320kbps to 128kbps. EXACLTY like this.

    And yeah my ES4 and ED16 sounds better too.

    Should I get a replacement?
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  14. TechnoidFR
    Maybe 1/2h burn in...
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  15. Deveraux
    I did way more
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