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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. PhonoPhi
    2 hours made a very noticeable difference in subduing the coarseness.
  2. Sylmar
    I don't know a KZ alternative but this forum used to have a thread about bass-heavy IEM's. You might find some alternatives there.

    By the way, just reminded myself that the KZ ED9 with golden filters has also a lot of bass.
    Last edited: Dec 15, 2018
  3. mbwilson111
    Are you sure they are not out of phase?
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  4. Deveraux
    Definitely not out of phase.

    Quality difference is exactly like how you would go from a higher bit rate audio to something like 128kbps.
  5. Luxed
    Do they sound muffled and lack in detail?
    Maybe test another cable? I really doubt it could make that much of a difference though :/
    They could be defective as we've seen some QC issues pop up for the ZSN in this thread (aka the "hole" situation)
    Last edited: Dec 15, 2018
  6. PhonoPhi
    What do you compare ZSN with, DD-only IEM?
  7. 1clearhead
    That sounds to me like a non-functioning BA armature(s)...probably defective! :point_left:
    I would strongly advice you to replace them. Several years back, I experienced this same situation, twice! -Not a good feeling at all.
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  8. TechnoidFR
    Good info that I had

    Zs7 has same DD than zs10 !
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  9. LaughMoreDaily
    I hope it's not true! :frowning2: But it sounds like you got a bad pair. Who did you order it from? Mine are coming in the next 2-4 weeks (hopefully... Canada Post) so I'll let you know what I think compared to the ES4/ED16.
  10. LaughMoreDaily
    My burn in lasts a couple years. No joke. I know it's too long but it's addicting looking at my cute headphones sitting on a dresser enjoying some good music.
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  11. LaughMoreDaily
    Did you compare the sound quality when both ZSN and BQ3 are using the TRN cable? It's not a fair review if they weren't. :wink:
    Last edited: Dec 15, 2018
  12. ShakyJake
    Check to see if is wired "out of phase". Mine was, and I was initially a bit disappointed in it. Here is a check:

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  13. Moys
    Hi, so I've been watching this thread for a while, and I want to finally get myself an iem from KZ!

    It's my first time actually getting higher grade iem than what you get from phones and such, so I want to find the perfect one, suiting my needs and at the same time being a good enough all-rounder to enjoy what a good iem sounds like.
    My budget is 50€, so I can pretty much buy any iem Kz currently offers, the question is wich one?

    I'm looking for an immersive and deep sound, that would submerge me into the music i'm listening to. I'm not really a bass head, but I listen to pretty much any genre, mainly classical ( I would rather use my headphones for that, but it's still a genre I'll listen to quite a bit ), rock, jpop, dance, funk and a lot of instrumentals.

    The point I want it to emphasize are sound clarity, details and a little treble but not too harsh or sibilant. I don't care that much about how wide is the soundstage, but I want the sound imaging and instrument separation to be top-notch ( like being surrounded by the instruments and voices ). I guess, since I want an immersive sound, it has to be a "in your face" and kind of intimate sounding iem.

    I initially planned to get the Zs 5, but the newer version seemed to be a let-down, then the Zs6, but sibilance issues, now I'm planning to get the AS10, is it the right one for me? I've heard of new products coming out soon, should I wait for those?

    I hope you guys can help me, it's kind of hard to keep up with every product coming out.

    Edit: Also I've got a 2.5 balanced output from my dac/amp, can I use it with Kz iems? Do I need a specific cable, if so, which one ?
    Last edited: Dec 15, 2018
  14. LaughMoreDaily
    I just bought a HIFIMAN Megamini DAP on Amazon for $62USD. The price changed from $60USD today on E-Bay to $260USD with shipping but Amazon's price stayed the same. Has anyone used this DAP with KZ's? Any favorite pairings?
    Last edited: Dec 15, 2018
  15. Slater
    I’d go with a TinAudio T2, since you listen to classical. The regular T2, not the Pro.

    It’s a perfect all-rounder. It’s a lot of IEM for the money. Right in your budget range, metal shell, mmcx cables, can be worn up or down, can be driven by pretty much any source.

    KZs are going to be too v shaped IMO.
    Last edited: Dec 15, 2018

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