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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. harriss
    i have received my first KZ ZS10 and my APTX-HD (CSR8675 chip) bluetooth module . will share my thoughts about it later
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  2. Otto Motor
    Where in NE Scotland? Thurso?
  3. HungryPanda
    Just received my ED15's, KZ certainly delivered here on first listen
  4. Otto Motor

    Here an incredible track to map the soundstage with your earphones: a binaural or "dummy head" recording ("Kunstkopfstereophonie", a short-lieved German invention). Microphones were placed into the ears of a dummy head to come as close to human perception as possible. This produces an unbelievable surround sound.

    The ZS10 excels on this one (its hundreds of drivers do an excellent job) - an unreal sonic experience. This silly track is also highly addictive.

    Download link valid for one week: https://goo.gl/fHrnyL

    Die Raumklang - CD.jpg
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  5. Otto Motor
    Huuuuuge however reasonably firm bass to my ears. Compare vocals to the early ED series models. It is also interesting to compare the overall image to the ZS10's: the one of the ZS10 is biiiiiiiiig in comparison for my perception - that's what you expect from the additional drivers and the huge resonance bodies/housings.

    To me, the ED15 plays in the league of the Urbanfun Hifi. A good one!

    Have fun!
    Last edited: Apr 25, 2018
  6. bhazard
    The Ergonomics of the ZS10 could have been better. Doesn't stay in my ears during my commute walk. It sounds good out of the box, but needs EQ to dial back midbass and bump low mids, and cut 2kHz a bit.

    I'll have to see if the silver cable makes any changes to the sound. Doubt it.
  7. manukmanohar
    which is the apt x hd module?
  8. C2thew
    do you have a link to the bluetooth module that you bought? I'm curious which one you purchased
  9. deptofrichie
    I had the same issue. tried the different size KZ star tips and spin fits and they would not stay in my ears. Changed to Symbio MandarinE tips and problem solved. :)
  10. HungryPanda
    While walking last night wearing ZS10 as it was windy the noise from the wind hitting the shells was most annoying
  11. bsoplinger
    I bought this LP shortly after it was released. Missed out on the short lived CD release. However someone was nice enough to post a YouTube video of it. The audio is supposed to be uncompressed according to the poster. Its from a BBC documentary on the Andes. Interesting percussion and pan pipes and more. I extracted the audio. I created a cue file so that I can reference the various tracks. I'll post the link to the video in the spoiler but it doesn't look like head-fi provides any storage for files so I'll have to figure out where to toss the cue file in case anyone wants it. Nice music for testing midrange and imaging and for checking on boomy bass.

    This site can extract audio from YouTube videos https://www.onlinevideoconverter.com/mp3-converter
  12. youngarthur
    Twelve miles south of Thurso.
  13. Francisk
    Just received my red color ZS10 paired with silicone tips and after spending some quality time on most of my favorite tracks I've concluded that my ZST Pro (color edition) paired with foam tips sound way better. High frequencies on the ZST Pro paired with foam tips sound much more natural with clearer micro details and bass is tighter without the mid-bass bleed that's present on the ZS10. Instrument separation, layering and percussive transient attack is still better on the ZST Pro even though it only has 2 drivers per side. I tried pairing the ZS10 with foam tips and the bass tighten up a little but the high frequencies are even more recessed and I'm missing the high frequency details.

    Don't get me wrong, the ZS10 is no lemon, it's just that I expected more from a 5 drivers per side ZS10. The slightly wider soundstage on the ZS10 is the only advantage over the ZST Pro. To my ears, the ZST Pro paired with foam tips sound more balanced overall. Moral of the story, more doesn't mean better...sometimes less is better. On another note, the ZS10 may appeal to people who loves a warm sound signature but unfortunately I don't fall under that category.

    PS: I've found a very good use for my ZS10...watching movies...where the thick, fat and warm sound of the ZS10 really comes into play and adds punch to the movie, especially fast action movies with lots of explosions :ksc75smile:
    Last edited: Apr 26, 2018
  14. notamethlab
    Here's an interesting mod by nyanchu202 on twitter. From what I could translate, the user is able to control the DD's and BA's with the dip switch.

    IMG_20180425_103415.jpg IMG_20180425_103924.jpg IMG_20180425_103415.jpg IMG_20180425_103924.jpg IMG_20180425_103943.jpg IMG_20180425_103415.jpg IMG_20180425_103924.jpg IMG_20180425_103943.jpg IMG_20180425_103947.jpg
  15. harriss

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