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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. govie
    Well, king arthur will not make KZ a knight on his round table for a long time, but I do not mind. The review was even very positive about the performance of the zs6, but also stated there still was a slightly noticeable performancegap between both earbuds, so even the more expensive rolemodel got a positive review. So all in all it is a positive article for both earbuds, because if you can spare $1099,-- for earbuds, then you will not even consider to look at the kz lineup anyway.
    Last edited: Jan 8, 2018
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  2. groucho69

    I see nothing.gif
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  3. bsoplinger
    What's the silver one that says 4 driver on it?
  4. Slater
  5. Willber
    IEMs :wink:
  6. Willber
    I seem to remember @CoiL putting a VE Monk driver into an ATE shell with a custom back added.
  7. Saoshyant
    Larry Hovis (the American)... Nice guy, can't believe it's already been almost 15 years since he died.
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  8. Strat Rider
  9. NeonHD
    Apparently it seems that the KZ ED3 is completely sold out on both eBay and Aliexpress. However if you're really that desperate to get the ED3 as a collector's item, there's this one eBay seller selling it for around $22, which is like 3x the regular price (and the seller is quite sketchy too). Just thought I'd let people here know. Thankfully I still have mines (the Acme model) and they are quite a good sounding IEM for the price. Great instrument separation and soundstage too.
    Last edited: Jan 8, 2018
  10. vegetaleb
    Finally got my QKZ W1 Pro today!
    The sound quality is really impressive for the price, now how to mod them? drilling holes mod?
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  11. bsoplinger
    How do they compare to the DM200 since I grabbed a pair of those for $4 on 11.11? Out of curiosity, are either actual KZ designs or just models (Q)KZ manufacturs for someone else?
  12. CoiL
    That`s wrong, LOL :D Monk driver wouldn`t fit into ATE shell.
    ATE FF-mod You talk about is just heavily modified ATE.
    VE Monk driver I just reshelled with wood and made into IEM, that`s the VE NUN mod You can see on my avatar.
  13. hydroid
    I have extracted my spare ZST's driver which is very challenging to do...tons of glue everywhere..lol. For the love of the ZS3 shell, I will try experimenting whether the ZST's driver will sound good on zs3's shell. Fitting the 10mm driver requires extra work.,more cutting here and there until you find enough room for it. I'm not technical enough so I'll just do trial and error. Any inputs from experts are very much welcome. Hoping for the best., :)
  14. nkramer
    wishing you good luck & happy modding.
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  15. Willber
    Doh! I knew you'd done something with something and come up with something else!

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