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Klipsch Image S4i II did not meet my expectations...No bass...Harsh treble....Despite the fact that they're 80 dolars

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  1. sufficient03
    5 days ago, I purchased the Klipsch Image S4i and was very excited. My first impression was "these are trash"..it still is. I honestly see no big difference in the sound quality of these and the apple earphones (not Earpods) except that the Klipsch has noise isolation and has more direct sound coming in the ear canal. The bass is near non existent and the treble is very harsh. As for the seal, I have found a good way to seal them in and they fit real snug, however I still can't get the bass amount that I'm looking for. The sound quality is good but not brilliant. I have followed people's advices by burning them in..I probably have burnt them in for about 15 hours now. 
    One more thing, I kind of feel regretful for buying these. Today, I came across the JVC HA (15 dollars) and heard that they outperformed these headphones and most other high end headphones...So did I make a bad choice of buying these?
    What should I do? Continue burning them in? Any other advice and/or tips for me?
  2. ZARIM
    If you are not satisfied with them then return and buy JVC FX3X which offers deep punchy bass(immidiate noticable) and overall very crisp clear sounding IEMs. Other IEMs like Sony XB90EX, Turbine, Sony EX310 are also great buy under this price range.
  3. sufficient03
    There are many reviews saying that these headphones are amazing. Is it about burning them in?
  4. eke2k6
    The S4 is among the most bass heavy earphones around. The fact that you're getting no bass means that you're not inserting them right, or that you don't have a proper seal. Play around with the different silicon pieces that came in the package to see which one fits you best.
  5. sufficient03
    I beg to differ on that. I have played A LOT with them and I found the perfect seal. I guess it has some bass and maybe I will just not appreciate it no matter how much it has. 
    I have one question though. What is up with this "burning in"? Does it really work..I have burned them in for about 15 hours and I hear no difference from when I heard them in hour 0...
  6. eke2k6
    I guess you have a faulty set then. Burn in won't make the bass magically materialize.
  7. sufficient03
    I guess I just have to appreciate it then
  8. sufficient03
    How much do YOU know about earphones?
  9. djvkool
    eke2k6 is one of the best here in terms of IEM knowledge...
    ...and I agree with him, if you think that S4 has no bass, then definitely either you don't have proper seal, or it is faulty
  10. eke2k6
    There's a reason why I ignored him  ^_^
  11. sufficient03
    Okay I'm sorry for being ignorant, but I must say I absolutely do have a good seal. Now, if burning them won't increase the bass, will it have any positive impacts at all towards my earphones.
  12. sulkoudai
    lol, he gives you very helpful advice and you reply back rudely like that...
    Burn in does not increase the amount of bass, especially when you describe them as 'near non-existant'.
    Make sure the Oval tips are inserted correctly (remember they have to be inserted in a specific way). Klipsch Oval tips are one of my favorites but they are definitely NOT for everyone.
    If that doesn't work, get some other tips. Maybe foam tips, they 'enhance' the lower end, especially Complys.
    And if that doesnt work, maybe they are faulty or you are just used to A LOT of bass.
    Hope that helps
  13. sufficient03
    Thank You.

    I also want to point out that I wasn't trying to be rude by asking him how much HE knows about headphones. I just want to make sure that I was getting an answer from someone with a lot of experience with IEMs. Soo many sorries to eke2k6
  14. zerocoolhifi
    Where do you get the s4's? I bought a pair off eBay saved about $30 and had the same result as you, also tried burn in but that would not help. Was able to return them as I thought they actually might have been fakes as I had heard so many good things. My skullcandy titans sound much better. I ended up paying the piper and got monster turbine pro golds and have never been happier with that choice.
  15. Barry S
    You may have a pair of counterfeit S4i's. If anything, the S4i's are a bit bass heavy and the treble is nothing close to harsh. Unfortunately, there's a ridiculous amount of counterfeit ones being sold all over the place. Klipsch sued 23 (!) Chinese companies earlier this year for counterfeiting S4 and S4i's.
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