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Klipsch Image S4i II did not meet my expectations...No bass...Harsh treble....Despite the fact that they're 80 dolars

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  1. sufficient03
    yes, I have heard of comply earbuds. They are more comfortable and what else?? Do they serve a purpose besides more "comfortableness"...?
  2. NNrun
    The comply earbuds are made of foam and it seals your ears perfectly. It improves isolation and bass as well. However, high frequencies will be weakened a bit. I am using comply earbuds but not for the SE530.

    The tube of the Image4 is thin so you can use those comply earbuds made for W4 or SE530.
  3. tegR
    HAHAHA! omg, was drinking my tea and burst out laughing at this. I hate/love you!

    Actually no, you shouldn't, no matter what they are or what any one around here says. After some proper burn in, If you feel they are dodgy send 'em back. Thanks for the laugh [​IMG]
  4. sufficient03
    okay Treg calm down. I dont see anything funny in this situation
  5. joespride
    New here myself and also bought the s4i today, and I found they are 1 uncomfortable, 2. Boomy mushy bass, and 3.everything sounds constricted ie... Like I'm listening to mono recordings no soundstage at all. Taking them back tomorrow Guess I'm ordering off amazon as nothing available locally except beats and the like. I had hoped these would at least be similar to klipsch speakers ( ie cornwall, lascala, k-horns ) in sound signature but they are miles away. :mad:
  6. dkelban
    I agree that either they are counterfeits ( be careful on ebay), or, more likely, you are not getting a deep and totally sealed ear fit. I found using the comply T-100 foam ear tips dramatically improved the sound. They come in different sizes: make sure to get the ones that correspond to the size of rubber ear tip you get the best sound with. With the comply ear tips, I get tight, good bass, and the highs are very clear and crisp, not harsh.
  7. jim369
    Hi sufficient03, are you still using the klipsch headphones? I'm going through a dilemma whether to keep them or return as it's been nearly a month, but the treble seems to be high still? Did the burn in improve the sound in your case? Any suggestion is greatly appreciated.
  8. Baroninkjet
    I sold mine; the sibilance on some material drove me crazy. Burning didn't help.
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