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Klipsch Image S4i II did not meet my expectations...No bass...Harsh treble....Despite the fact that they're 80 dolars

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  1. kong
    If you're saying the S4 has no bass and you're sure the seal is good then it could be either fake or faulty (I hope it is the latter)

    Where did you buy it from anyway? I used to buy a cheap UE700 from a local seller and I swear it sounded a lot worse than SoundMAGIC PL50... Then I found out later that the seller is known to be selling fake IEMs. I finally had a chance to listen to a real UE700 and it was nothing like the one I had. Lesson learned. I'd suggest always buy from an authorized reseller so you won't regret it later.
  2. sulkoudai
    The easiest way of checking if your S4s are fake: check if if the tips are actually 'oval'.
    not guaranteeing that it is real if it is oval but if it is, its mostly likely real.
  3. djvkool
    Put it this way...the is NO WAY that S4 doesn't have a bass at all, even if you are the extreme of the extremist basshead, I would rank S4 in my top 10 of bassy IEM that I've heard easy...if you are absolutely 100% sure about the seal, then most likely yours is either faulty, or fake...
  4. sufficient03
    Well mine seems pretty legit but how would I know if it's fake or not?
  5. Nafixd
    Your set has to be counterfeit. After about 48 hours of burn-in, I heard a bigger and more solid bass than when I first got them. 
    To check if their faulty, I guess you should try to smudge off the Klipsch logo. I had mine for a year and a half, the logo has never disappeared. People (according to customers who bought fake ones) said that their fake Klipsch headphones had their logo smudged off within a month. So use your thumb and see if they come off. 
  6. sufficient03
    I'm thinking that it's the player that sucks. I have an iPod and it sounds okay and when I listen on my friend's phone it sounds way better. 
  7. Nafixd
    I'm not sure then. If what you say is true, then that might be the only problem. So far, my S4s work the same on everything I use (iPod, iPhone, iPad, and my PC). There's almost no difference. I also used it on a Galaxy S2 (phone), it sounded the same as long as the EQ in all the devices are turned off. 
  8. nihontoman
    maybe you have your eq set wrong on your ipod? :D just sayin'...
  9. sufficient03
    Forget EQs...
  10. sufficient03
    Amazon. I know it's real. 
  11. Eisenhower

    an ipod is a much better source than some random cellphone

    Amazon isn't the actual dealer you bought the headphones from.

    Either they are broken or counterfeit, or you aren't using them right.
    You are denying all of this, so I don't know what you expect people to say.
  12. sufficient03
    I am using them right....Maybe it's just that I have high expectations>..
  13. planx
    Seeing how you're coming from Apple Ear Buds, I don't know how you can have high expectations when you don't know what something $100+ sounds like. The reason why no one is able to give you real advice is because no one understands how you can be saying the S4 has no bass. Even I know that the S4 has plentiful amounts of bass and hearing how you're getting no bass is out of the description. I suggest returning them and buying something else to have a more open mind? Try the Shure SE215.
  14. sufficient03
    Alright..I experimented with them for some time. They do have bass. Indeed they do. But only when I turn my music up above 50%, I can feel them good. Is that supposed  to happen? 
  15. kaixax555
    I think you may be listening too low a volume to feel the kick in the bass...
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