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  1. lowmagnet
    While at work, I use an ErgoDox Fullhand. At home, I use a Poker II. All key caps are DSAs from Signature Plastics.
  2. Hank_Venture
    Just did some PC upgrades, part of that was a jump to an RGB Mechanical Keyboard.
    Really like it so far

  3. fuego
    Sounds ironic but I use a Dell keyboard for my Asus laptop [​IMG]
  4. Sove
    Ooohh I love me some mechanicals.  Cherry MX Clears are my favorite switch by far - great weight and feel, without the noise that blues/greens can cause (though O-rings help).  Browns are the same as clears but a bit lighter (take less force to activate, and don't have the click of blues/greens), and are also a good choice.  I've gone through quite a few boards determining what I liked best.  From my experience :
    Filco Majestouch 2 - 104key w/ Browns.  Great board, great build quality.  Stock keycaps were awful, but that's par for the course.  Loved this board, but other keyboards revealed how much I prefer a smaller form factor like 84key (tenkeyless) or 60%.  Couldn't bare to get rid of it, and since my mother enjoyed using it, it stayed with her.
    CM Novatouch - 84key w/ Topre switches.  Topres are a bit of a different animal, as far as how they function which is much more similar to a standard rubber dome board compared to a mechanical switch.  Regardless, they're very nice and very expensive.  The Novatouch was nice, but given the price and my preference for a heavier switch (Topre's are typically very light except for certain Realforce boards) this one ended up on Ebay.
    WASD CODE - 104key AND 84key w/ Clears.  Yep, I've owned one of these in both tenkey and tenkeyless form factors.  The 104key came as I was discovering my preference for smaller boards, so it ended up being sold and replaced with a tenkeyless version that is now my work keyboard.
    HHKB2 (Happy Hacking Keyboard) w/ Topre switches.  Great board with solid build quality - very small and light, and very expensive with limited availability.  Great stock keycaps, which is good since there are very limited options for Topre keycaps.  Doesn't see daily use, but is often the board I use with my laptop.
    Leopold FC660M w/ Clears.  Ugh.  My lost love.  Great (and unique) layout that is essentially a 60key + arrow keys and Insert/Delete.  Loved this board enough to buy a nice aluminum case for it, just for it to die on me only 1 week past the 1 year warranty expiration date (granted I had voided the warranty anyway with the case, but still).  I plan on dissecting it soon enough and trying to fix what I believe to be the issue, but just haven't done so yet.  My favorite board for the year that it worked.
    POKER 3 w/ Clears.  Very nice board with a lot of features and great build quality.  The layout took some getting used to (especially hitting FN + JKLI for the arrow keys) but now that I'm acclimated I really enjoy it.  60% layout, so it's very small.  Came with some pretty decent PBT caps, which is a plus, along with an aluminum case.
    In addition, I have a Custom Winterfox board on order from a Massdrop drop in late December. Should be here in about a Month, so I'm excited for that! 
    Pretty solid list of boards now that I look back at it.  Certainly a cheaper hobby than the audio equipment I've more recently gotten in to, though the kb "collection" is a pretty reasonable size now that I know what I like.  The growing headphone collection will hopefully follow suit!
  5. rpade
    Oh yah! Ducky Shine 3 with MX-Blues. *Click *click *click *click *click *click *click *click
  6. langtuqn2007
    My favorites so far are Ergo Clears 70 g and Realforce Topres 55g.
  7. mikey1964

    Not sure about the Ergo Clears, but am 100% with you on Topre 55G, wonderful, just wonderful to type on. I was at a PC and PC accessories mega sale in my neck of the woods recently, it occurred to me that I've yet to get an RGB TKL (or smaller) board, Ducky (my go to brand) had none, didn't like Razer, and not too keen on Corsair. I saw this wonderful looking keyboard by Armaggeddon, the RGB Hornet MKA-5R which uses Kailh switches instead of Cherry. I was so taken by the design that I snagged a Kailh Blue version, together with an RGB mouse by Armaggeddon as well (uses Omron parts and an Avago A3310 optical sensor). The top half of the keyboard plate is aluminum, hence my liking it!
  8. Bradapalooza
    I use a WASD Keyboard -- did my own color and key layout which is expected.  I use Cherry MX Blue switches, no sound dampners, because I'm a writer and I don't have coworkers to worry about with my keyboard and it's not unusual for me to type a few thousand words a day. 
    It's an absolutely sublime keyboard -- when I first got it I immediately liked it but I didn't realize just how much I loved it until I had to use a laptop and then someone else keyboard recently and I couldn't even get a sentence out without numerous typos.
    I've never seen the appeal of a backlit keyboard really -- I like the minimal style of the WASD set up -- three recessed red LEDs for the num lock, caps lock, and page lock keys -- they're very bright but since they're recessed quite deeply you don't see them at all when typing (but at night you can see the red on the ceiling).  Pulling off keys to clean the keyboard is very nice since my keyboard gets pretty filthy -- it is a pain to put the longer keys back on since they have metal bars on hinges to firm them up and give them the same feel as the standard key sizes but it's not an issue since you don't have to clean your keyboard that often and I'd rather have consistent key feeling than a slightly easier cleaning process.  I imagine the sound dampners would be great if you needed to use the keyboard in an office environment since they're basically just o-rings that are beneath the activation point so that you can't fully bottom out a key -- if you push a little past the activation point you'll just hit the rubber -- since I don't have to worry about being too noisy I just didn't opt for them (plus I quite like the click-clack noise of a mechanical keyboard and occasionally like to pound the keys all the way even though I could just hit most things to the activation point without bottoming out the keys).
    Definitely check them out if you're looking for a keyboard -- none of the hype like Razer etc. -- just a pure keyboard with superior performance.  Excellent value compared to others that offer Cherry MX switches.  Additionally, the options of the keyboard are fantastic -- options for macs, dvorak, etc. as well as turning the caps lock key into a different key since few people ever need caps lock.
  9. mikey1964
    @Bradapalooza- Don't get me wrong, I love my backlit keyboards, that's why I have more than a dozen of 'em in 60%, 80% and full-sized. Mind you, I don't simply buy any backlit keyboards, the switch types MUST be to my liking, like the KBP V60 Pure Pro which I have.....two of them actually, bought two together because I wanted the Cherry MX Green and Clear versions.
    That doesn't mean I buy only backlit keyboards, I do have full sized and TKL 'vanilla' (or NOT backlit) like my Ducky TKL with PBT keycaps, Topre RealForce 55G, two CM NovaTouch (yes, you 'heard' correctly), a Leopold FC660C and FC660M, a Topre Type Heaven, two HHKB Pro 2.....well, you get the idea, I was somewhat of a mechanical keyboard headcase a while back.
    Audio has 'cured' me of the keyboard craze, but I now need something to 'cure' me of this audio craze.....[​IMG]
  10. SirIsaac
    I'm using a Ducky Legend, white led back-lit with cherry MX blues
    With, PBT vortex keys I have the blacks and whites
    I also use some basic ABS key caps for modifier keys
    Been using mechanical keyboards for years, IMO it's the only way to go.
  11. Jonathan40
    The best keyboard I ever used came with my Compaq. It had the L and R sides split down the middle and angled to fit my hands ergonomically. Very comfortable to use.
  12. Gainastyle
    I have a Logitech G810 mechanical RGB keyboard, with Romer G keys.
    I love it! Its nice and heavy. The keys are really satisfying to press down. The spacebar is nice and firm, no wobbling.
    The mediakeys are super convenient. Instead of volume up and down butons, it has a large rectangular wheel.
    The software for this keyboard is somewhat lackluster when it comes to RGB lighting. But it has some really cool features with the app that you can get for it.
    You can activate a gaming mode by a simple keypress, that turns off all keys that can make you exit the game or minimize it. 
    I suggest to all you Cherry MX fans to try it out :) I had a logitech g410 as well, but that is not a good show for the Romer G keys.
    You need to try it out on the G810
  13. eteina
    Hi there, I am looking for my first mechanical keyboard but i am not sure how i will feel about it when using it so I would like to spend as less as possible.
    Do not care at all if it is a major brand.
    Which mechanical keyboard would you recommend me according to my needs?
  14. loganmark
    Dear ZepFloyd,
    With Corsair K70 RGB Rapidfire you’re getting an updated lighting controller, and in addition to that, you’re getting the all new Cherry MX Speed switch which is also known as the MX Silver switch because of the colour.
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