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Kennerton ODIN, MAGISTER, VALI, Magni, Thridi, Thekk, and Thror Discussion

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by bowei006, Sep 1, 2014.
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  1. VKazanzhi
    Hello Eric,
    It will be soon, very soon. I sincerely hope that it will be within 2 weeks. As well as the re-born Odin in the new design ( yes, we can no longer ignore the numerous requests about it from our customers). Just like the new version of Vali ( which have become in my opinion awesome).
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  2. eric65
    Hi Valentin.

    Great ! :)

    Concerning the alternative version of the Thror, with a new design (using if I understood correctly the head-band of the Magni and drivers derived from those of the Thror) and that Max had named "Thekk" (alias Welcome one), will it keep this name? Will it have a new external grid (grill), more T-shaped (like the one" of the Thror?)

    Otherwise, speaking of the rebirth of the Odin, with a new design, I know that it is also in demand; it would then be a new helmet a priori different from the current Odin mk3 Thridi. Will it take back the head-band of the Magni (just like the hypothetical Thekk), and above all, which pilot will it use: the one of the Odin mk3 (of the Thridi) or the one of the old Odin mk2?
    Finally, when you talk about the new Vali, is it the current Vali with the improved head-band of the Thror and Thridi, or is it also a novelty, with another design?

    Thank you for your answers to all these questions, as far as possible. :)

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  3. eric65
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  4. VKazanzhi
    P90912-140206.jpg P90912-140245.jpg
    About the Thekk. It will be a model that will use a headband similar to the Magni's headband. This is true - the new grids will be made of a thin, lightweight aluminum alloy. I will show photos later.
    Concerning the Vali. Everything can be seen in the photo of the prototype. I can only say one thing as my own opinion: "They are amazing! Both in appearance and in sound. It's the same Vali, but a little bit lighter, a lot more comfortable, the sound is the same as before, but one step higher in all parameters".
    Concerning the Odin. All changes can also be seen in the photo. The grid will be the same as the old Odin. We won't make them any easier, because, for the complete repetition of the sound, which is so much loved by many people, the weight of the cups should be quite heavy. It's like getting a powerful blow - you need a massive hammer. With a light hammer you will only get just a knock. But in general, Odin will still be a little lighter than the previous version, and, thanks to the new headband, much more comfortable for the user.
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  5. eric65
    Thank you Valentin for these clarifications. :)

    The Kennerton Thekk, for "Pro" with a headband similar to the Magni's should have a weight of about 400-450 g if it uses external lightweight aluminum alloy grids.

    Feel free to publish on facebook and Instagram the upcoming photos of all these headphones!

    New Kennerton Odin - prototype (re-born Odin in the new design)

    New Kennerton Vali - prototype (new version)
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  6. eric65
    Hello everyone, again.

    On August 15, 2019, on page 156 of this thread (https://www.head-fi.org/threads/ken...i-thridi-and-thror-discussion.732814/page-156), I expressed the wish for an expansion of the Kennerton headphones range with new headphones that are both more accessible (in price) and more comfortable based on the generic Magni's headband.
    This new range of Kennerton headphones would be coexists with the current, more luxurious range.

    This day (September 12, 2019), my wishes seem to have been fulfilled, and even exceeded! :)

    The Kennerton revolution (of September or October 2019) seems to be on the way! :beyersmile:

    Beautiful and luxurious Kennerton Thror and Thridi in stabilized Karelian birch and natural Karelian birch.

    Sumptuous Kennerton Vali in stabilized Karelian birch.

    Beautiful Kenneton Magni (closed-back electrodynamic headphones).

    Kennerton Thekk prototype, the alternative Pro version of the flagship Thror (using the hight-tech drivers derived of the Thror and the head-band of the Magni).
    The final external grids (probably will have a T-design) should be made of lightweight aluminium alloy (production soon !).


    New Kennerton Odin - prototype (re-born Odin in the new design).

    New Kennerton Vali - prototype (new version).

    Kennerton Jord (the cheapest of all).
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  7. eric65
    Hi all.

    The announcement of the new Kennerton headphones range on head-fi by Kennerton's CEO (M. Valentin Kazanzhi), using the Magni's headband, with the Kennerton Thekk (the alternative Pro version of the Thror which should soon be produced), the new Odin and the new Vali (to come) with their new designs, seems to be welcomed on these two French forums:

    HCFR : https://www.homecinema-fr.com/forum...rton-fischer-audio-inside-t30059943-9465.html
    Musique-O-Casque: https://musique-o-casque.com/viewtopic.php?p=3384#p3384
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  8. eric65
    Good morning, everyone.

    A nice little debate between French people about which is the best headphone to use to listen to the classical piano, the Focal Utopia or the Kennerton Thror, and with which better amplifier?
    And the debate derived from the first: Vladimir Horowitz or Clara Haskil to play Schumann's piano? :)

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  9. eric65
    Hi all.

    Even in this small configuration, and the compressed YouTube sound.

    ENJOY! :)


    Superb tonal and natural balance that this Magni (with the Kennerton alternative pads: short pads); my restrictions made during my first listening with the Magni and the stock pads (long pads) concerning the brass, violin, cellos, cymbals, and electric guitar have disappeared.
    The opening of the soundstage is most correct; the sound scene is very pleasant; the sound is very pleasant, clear, precise yet soft; the electric guitar is superb; the violin and electric cello are convincing; the piano is convincing and above all, the choirs are superb. :)

    PS: It's even better, and even much better on the blu-ray of the Hans Zimmer's Live concert with the high-end dac Audiomat and the Viva 2A3 amp, but it's not the same price; but here, for a "desktop" use on the small Matrix M Stage amp, it's super pleasant to hear, balanced and natural, not tiring. A great headphones that is this Magni! :)

    Kennerton Magni equipped with its stock pads (long pads) (first pic).

    Kennerton Magni equipped with its alternative pads (short pads) (second pic).

    Personnaly, for my ears, the sound and soundstage of the Magni is better balanced, mor just and natural, and also softer with the Kennerton alternative pads (short pads) than with de stock pads (long pads).

    Otherwise, the sound quality with the stock cable (installed with the Magni in the first pic) is better (because more dynamic and more transparent) than with the second cable delivered with the Magni at its launch (second cable installed with the Magni in the second pic).
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  10. cleg
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  11. eric65
    Hi cleg.

    Yes, indeed, you have kept your promise. :)

    Your review of the Thror is very pleasant to read, concise and right.

    I share your analysis on the Thror: a great headphones open to all musical genres, precise, exact, neutral, technical, but not too (technical); detailed, but not too (detailed); pleasant to listen to, especially if you associate it with electronics of your taste.

    Otherwise, cleg, one day try yourself the Kennerton Magni with its two pairs of pads (offered when the Magni is launched): stock pads (long pads) and alternative pads (short pads); depending on the anatomy of your ears and their sensitivities, it is likely that one of the two pairs of pads suits you very well and gives you with the Magni the sound of a very great closed headphone, not so closed as that (for sound) as the opening of the sound is good.
    I think that the competing closed electrodynamic headphones with a price higher or significantly much higher (than Magni) have a lot to worry about...

    Otherwise, the Magni is very dependent on the quality of amplification and the electronics upstream: the better it is, the better the sound; it is a great closed-back headphones with an excellent potential.
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  12. cleg
    Just a pair of corrections :)

    technical, but not clinical

    detailed, enough detailed but without too much of microdetails highlight

    will try to get them, thank you!
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  13. eric65
    Thanks for these corrections. :)
    Last edited: Sep 20, 2019
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  14. eric65
    Hi all.

    What should we answer them?

    Kennerton Thror, have you heard “THESE”?


    I will answer for them: try the Thror on the same amplifier (Chord Hugo TT 2) versus the Audeze LCD4, the Meze Empyrean, the Sennheiser HD-800 or HD-800S, and also the Focal Utopia.

    Also try the Kennerton Thekk, cheaper (the Pro version of the Kennerton Thror equipped with the head-band of the Kennerton Magni and high-end drivers derived from those of the Thror).
    (Note: I will most likely order a Thekk, as soon as it is available as a pre-order :)).

    Try the Kenneton Magni (new Kennerton closed-back electrodynamic headphones, with its 50 mm Graphene-coated drivers) (to do try both with standard long pads and also the alternative short pads), compared to others more expensive closed-back headphones, such as the Focal Elegia; or much more expensive, such as the Sennheiser HD-820.

    Finally, try the new Kennerton Vali (to come), which also incorporates the Magni's headband, and should answer the question of the comfort of this very good open electrodynamic headphones.
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  15. eric65
    Hi all,

    Here is the video YouTube (in French) of Pierre Paya, on the Kennerton Magni with the stock pads (long), compared to the Focal Elegia and also the Focal Stellia (the three headphones were listened to on the same dac-amp Auris Euterpe).

    To summarize: the Kennerton Magni (750 Euros TTC in France, with the French tax at 20%) swept (crush) the Focal Elegia (900 Euros TTC) (because being both more precise and clearer).
    The Focal Stellia (3000 Euros TTC) remains superior to the Magni equipped with its stock pads (long), but the Magni is closer to the Stellia than the Elegia for sound quality.

    The Magni with its alternate pads (short), unfortunately could not be compared to the Focal Stellia, nor to the Sennheiser HD-820 ; but given the improvements in sound quality with the Magni equipped with short pads (versus long pads) with, for my ears, a better tonal balance, better timbres (tone), better softness, and even a better precision (control) of the sound, i am willing to bet that the Magni Kennerton equipped with short pads would be even closer and even more dangerously close to the sound quality of the Focal Stellia and also the Sennheiser HD-820, as explained in this page of the French forum: https://musique-o-casque.com/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=26&start=1220
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