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Kennerton ODIN, MAGISTER, VALI, Magni, Thridi, and Thror Discussion

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by bowei006, Sep 1, 2014.
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  1. jasonho
    Please don’t make me buy another kennerton headphone... I will be broke :o2smile:
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  2. Milan01
  3. Milan01
    Hi everybody!

    I compared Thror, Thridi and Odin mk2 to some music tonight, but not just any. It's the one that represents me the most, the one that has the most importance for me, my favorite music: M83-Wait.

    It was rather complicated at the beginning to make the comparison because I never proceeded this way, usually I describe them in a general way (what I will do in my final review), especially that compare 3 headphones is much more complicated than with 2 :grin:

    So I listened to the whole music, without interruption, with each of the headphone: Thridi then Thror then Odin mk2 (I took a totally random order).

    24bits WAV file
    Here are my impressions:


    The Thror has made slightly more precise / detailed instruments than the Thridi which is a bit more precise than the Odin mk2.


    Better rendering of reverberations with the Thror than on the Thridi, and its wider and deeper. On the rendering quality of the reverb Thror is equivalent to the Odin Mk2 but with a larger sound stage. The Odin mk2 has more body and has a warmer sound than Thror and Thridi. The Odin mk2 has a more frontal rendering than the other 2.


    The Thror projects the voices very well in depth, a little better than the Thridi which makes it a bit better than the Odin Mk2.


    The Thror treble is less present and less consistent than that of the Odin mk2, it is similar to that of the Thridi but more refined.


    The Odin has a little less good separation of instruments than Thror and Thridi. The Thror is slightly better on this point than the Thridi.

    That's all for this music; but there are things to say about the overall rendering of the music but it depend a lot on the preferences, so I might say that a headphone has a better rendering than another except that I do not want anyone to know which one I prefer until the writing of my final review :grin:

    Given what I said for now, I think it's impossible for you to see what is my favorite headphone !


    Thror palisander left, Odin mk2 sapelli in the middle and Thridi palisander right.
    We have the impression to see triple at the beginning :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
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  4. jasonho

    I think I will start to ignore or block your posts from now on....*i just bought my Odin :deadhorse:*
  5. DrummerLeo
    Listen to some old school metals, that’s where Odin shines out.
    For the song Milan posted, thror will win for sure, I found thror is just perfect for that genre, I can’t think of any headphones that can beat thror for songs like that one.
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  6. Milan01
    I think one is not better than the other, just different (but I have my preference ahaha)

    I think a also good challenger with this music is the Audeze Lcd 4 ...
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  7. eric65
    To begin, thank you very much to @bowei006, the initiator of this Kennerton thread, for updating the thread's title taking into account the arrival of two new planar headphones at Kennerton, the Thridi and the Thror. :)

    Now, a big congratulations, Milan, for this very precise description of these 3 Kennerton headphones (Odin mk2, Thridi and Thror) on this music. Description that I share completely. :)

    Very nice video youtube; I really like this choice of music, which IMHO is perfect for the Thror.

    But Thror is not limited to this style of music, like the other Kennerton headphones, thankfully.
    On rock, reggae, metal, jazz, electronic music, classical music, baroque music, every Kennerton headphones has a say.

    Looking forward to reading more of your impressions on other styles of music.

    But, above all, recover well from lack of sleep.

    Take your time to share impressions. :)
  8. Milan01
    "This is not a Thror, but...
    Lighter than Thror.
    Cheaper than Thror.
    Sounds like Thror.
    New Pro monitor for studios and audiophiles. See you at the CanJam Singapore. I hope... =)))"

    Comment from Max on Instagram:

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  9. jasonho
    See you in Singapore!
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  10. eric65
    Wow, it's a surprise.

    Kennerton's chief engineer did not remain idle; and he has hidden his game well. :beyersmile::)

    Some comments to make: according to these photographs, the drivers of this new Kennerton headphones are wide, probably a 80 mm; if this headphones sounds like a Thror, without being one, it is probably because it takes again the same drivers of Thror, with its membrane fast and light honeycomb and its frame in carbon fiber (to remain light). The pads look identical to those of the Thror, which would confirm that it is a planar headphones.

    Wooden cups seem simpler than those of Thror / Tridi / Odin.

    The external grid is less stylish (also simpler).

    The hoop of the head-band is much simpler (and probably less heavy) than the Thror / Tridi / Odin. But does not it lack a degree of freedom for the rotation?

    Surprising, the absence of any apparent mark for the headphones: no logo "Kennerton Audio Equipment" visible on these two photos.

    It remains to confirm all this (at the next CanJam in Singapore), and give it a name, to this new Kennerton headphones (or made by Kennerton).
  11. Milan01
    It seems to me that we see the drivers of Thor and the new headphone in the background on this picture (the drivers look smaller than those of Thror)

  12. eric65

    It's a planar headphones !
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  13. Hardcorist
    Hi all [​IMG]
    This headphones use the same driver as Thror, but little differences in housing and damping.
    Grid not the final. It is just a first prototype of headphones for sound tuning. A final grids probably will have a T-design. The weight of this prototype is 395 grams. Headphones very flexible and comfortable. You no longer need to pump the muscles of your neck [​IMG]
    The decision to start production has not yet been made, but I hope... In anycase forgive me))) I just wanted to create more affordable version of Thror, without premium design, but with the same sound quality. Maybe this model will demanded in record-studios. I really dream of entering of PRO market.
    The sound is slightly different from the sound of Thror (more accurate), but I like it more))) [​IMG]
    Last edited: Feb 25, 2019
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  14. eric65
    Hi Max. :)

    And thank you very much for these clarifications.
    Hoping that this "PRO" version, lighter and affordable than the lovely and chic Kennerton Thror can see a day.
    Congratulations on this prototype.
  15. Milan01
    Hello everyone,

    I tried to translate what Pierre Paya say in his YouTube video about the Kennerton Thridi
    Good reading and go check his video for the pleasure of the eyes !

    "Hello everyone, I'm Pierre Paya,

    Here is the third version of the Odin, the Odin Thridi, which is manufactured, studied and hand-assembled in St Petersburg, Russia.


    So it's easy to see that the Odin mk2 and the Odin Thridi are alike. The grid on the Thridi is made of composite material and that saves us 120 grams on the total weight of the headphone.
    We can have the Odin Thridi in different finishes: Maple, Bog Oak, Zebrano, Karelian Birch, Rosewood ... Kennerton improved the finish of the headband, we have seams that are thinner, better finish at the junction then the secondary band is thicker. We have the same pads as the Odin mk2.
    Technically we have the same impedance, which is 35 ohms, same sensitivity (104 db), it is 550 (120 grams less than the Odin mk2).
    The driver is the same diameter (80 millimeters).
    The main difference between these 2 headphones is that the membrane is not the same and therefore it will have a change on the sound.

    Listening condition: MELCO N1AH60 server player and connected in USB to an Audio-technica ATHA5050H dac / amplifier.

    I start with a sonata for violin and piano by Beethoven.
    The violin played is a delight for my ears with Thridi. The mids that I hear is really beautiful. I find almost the consistency, the softness, the richness of the violins that I often listened live. The piano is beautiful too. A very nice dynamic on the strong without ever aggression on treble and high level. While passing to the Odin Mk2, I lose some information on the atmosphere of the room and the harmonic richness, it diverts a little less than the Thridi.

    I now go to a French singer: Daphne from the album Carmin: Déclaration à celui.
    I have here with the Odin and the Thridi a very beautiful opening, they are both very very well stamped, it is the strength of these 2 headphones. The presence is confusing. The voice is a little duller with the Odin and a little less centered, more diffuse, I also lose a little air.

    Now I want to see how the Thridi goes down in the bass in comparison with the Odin, because it is a reference on this point.
    I chose Love scenes by Diana Krall.
    It goes down very low with the Odin, only Abyss and LCD 4 can do as well. The Thridi gives me a sub-bass a little less fat.
    The bass of the Thridi is according to my criteria of better quality, a little less round, but it impacts and descends as much as the Odin.
    The bass is better centered in space with the Thridi, the voice of Diana Krall is a little more organic with the Odin but the quality of its presence is better with the Thridi.

    I go now with a little jazz with Michel Petrucciani and his live: Trio in Tokyo.
    The title I chose is Training.
    I find here easily what differentiates Odin and Thridi to this listening. Overall I hear the room better with the Thridi, I also distinguish more easily each instrument, the Odin is a little more confused.
    On the other hand I have the same dynamics, the slightly rounder side of the Odin gives me the illusion that it is better stamped, it is because it is a little more physiological enfait. But in reality the Thridi seems to me more right because there is an artificial surplus of matter on the Odin. So this point will surely be subject to discussion and I may be wrong, but that's how I see these 2 headphones .


    These 2 Odin (Mk2 and Thridi) are very close. Fans of the very organic mids of the first generations will not quite find what they liked with the Thridi but in return, the Thridi better detours the sounds, they place them more precisely in the space and on the plane of the aeration he is more faithful to the source. Then the Thridi is 120 grams less so it will play on comfort.

    There are currently 2 forums in France that talk a lot about Kennerton, the topics are daily active, I invite you to visit what is happening on the Kennerton thread of TellementNomade.org and Musique-O-Casque.com.

    Musique-o-casque : https://musique-o-casque.com/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=26&start=410 (All the new informations about Kennerton, the most active)

    TellementNomade : http://www.tellementnomade.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=89&t=20351 (Thror's topic)
    http://www.tellementnomade.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=89&t=11426&start=1710 (Odin's topic)
    http://www.tellementnomade.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=89&t=22612&start=30 (Thridi's topic)

    See you soon ! "
    Last edited: Feb 27, 2019
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