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Hey guys, I just got news and word from a release by my friend at Fischer that Kennerton Audio, a new brand by Fischer Audio will be premiering products at IFA Consumer Electronics - this year in Berlin - with some nice choice lots.,p1455151,c350576,p1455188
Here are a few links for you guys to enjoy. 
These products look boss to say the least. There are also a few earphones, cables, and even amps

The spec sheet and information in the pdf for the headphones look great, what do you guys think?
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Kennerton Audio claims it's the best headphones ever made!!!
I'm deadly curious

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Kennerton Audio Equipment Facebook page:
Kennerton by Fischer Audio proudly presents it's top of the line planar magnetic headphone, ODIN.
Why planar magnetic? We see perfect headphone as a cross between dynamic and electrostatic technologies. Taking airy and extremely detailed sound of electrostatics, and mixing it with power and impact from dynamic transducers, we will achieve a sound, that is both natural and engaging.
But after checking most of recent and vintage planar magnetic headphones existing, we found that there is basically no core difference between them. They all share same design choices, and so same flaws. Basically, nothing new was made since the invention of planar magnetic technology 35+ year ago.
So we started making our own driver from scratch. One of our core goals was to minimise internal structure resonances and optimising sound wave patterns, resulting in as clear and low-distortion sound as possible. To achieve this, we made several core patent-pending innovations. Magnetic structure is designed to both eliminate unwanted resonances, and uniform magnetic field distribution over main working area.
Our driver is completely designed and produced in Russia, involving facility that also working for aerospace and military industries, which ensures highest quality and durability.

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The awful grammatical errors and lack of resolution in the PDF images is really annoying... I hope the publishing department had nothing to do with the headphone design. (trololol)
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Lol, all Planars have the same weaknesses as each other these days and are all the same design? Can't wait to see how they make a totally unique and groundbreaking Planar, when apparently none of Hifiman, Audeze or JPS have done anything worth noting... haha. 
So the Magister is going to be an expensive FA-003/002 clone? 
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Would buying a pair of these:
or these:
and putting them on a pair of FA003Ti not be the same for $200 cheaper?
And how are these wood cups any different than what's already on the Magister sonically speaking?

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