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Kennerton ODIN, MAGISTER, VALI, Magni, Thridi, Thekk, and Thror Discussion

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by bowei006, Sep 1, 2014.
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  1. eric65
    Finally, it is this Kennerton Magni headphones, limited edition, made of Karelian Birch wood, that has been reserved for my order.


    Many thanks for Ivan (from Kennerton) and Pierre Paya (the French distributor of Kennerton) for this order, especially with such a nice wood. :)

    Otherwise, the offers of this limited edition of the Magni are precisely limited; then take advantage of it...

    see, also :
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  2. eric65
    Hello, everyone.

    An orthodynamic headphones, as good, but cheaper and even lighter than the brand's current flagship product, the Kennerton Thror ?

    It already exists as a prototype (here on the picture below, to the right of the Magni), but it remains to be produced, and especially to find a name for it; which one?


    Translation (*) of the Russian text (from the link above):
    (*) using both Google, Bing and DeepL translator

    "I have the Odin and the Thror: Thror is better in almost everything they do, they are more practical (more comfortable), they have a smoother sound (more uniform) and more detailed.
    Yesterday I visited the Kennerton office (in St Petersburg) and had the opportunity to appreciate the novelty, the Kenneton Magni. The novelty has left a good impression, the headphones are comfortable, had good bass, medium detailed enough and not bright (for high).
    But most of all, I liked the prototype of the alternative version of Thror which is Kennerton's most practical (most comfortable) headphones. Only, they are not yet in production, but I hope it will change. If you like the sound of Thror but the finances do not allow you to buy it then it would be a great alternative that according to the developer is not inferior to the flagship sound and will cost less. If this model is marketed, it will be one of the best isodynamic headphones models on the market. "

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  3. eric65
    Hello everyone.

    Do you know the game of the "three mistakes"?

    Magni pre-production and current production.

    Look for the three main differences between these two pics.


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  4. ithilienrp
    1. Color of the Bat-logo.
    2. Color of the Handcraft-in ....
    3. Visible Screws
  5. eric65
    Yes ! :)

    The bat logo of the Kennerton brand is actually the head of a bat, most often black.



    Otherwise, for the little history..

    Why a bat's head for the Kennerton's logo?
    Because the bat has an exceptional hearing!

    Why Kennerton's name?
    Kenner (means the word "expert" in German) and Ton (tone) to mean the word "sound."
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  6. eric65
    Hello everyone.

    What name should be given to the Kennerton prototype, if it is ever marketed, which would be the light version, in price and weight, of the current Kennerton brand flagship, the Thror?

    Kennerton prototype to the right of the Magni in this pic.

    The name is probably in this list.


    Personally I will see the name of Ygrr (the fearsome) or Sadr (the true one) which is also the name of the star Gamma Cygni.

    Does this prototype have a place in the Kennerton planar headphones range?

    It seems that yes, and that it is desired by many.


    What price ?
    Less than Thror (at least 500 Euros / Dollars less?)

    What weight ?
    If the prototype takes the high-tech driver of Thror with its carbon fiber frame, and the head-band, simplified of the Magni: probably 50 to 70 g less than the Thror (400-420 g).

    For who ?
    For all those wanting a cheaper (more accessible) headphones than Thror, a little lighter and more comfortable than the Thror, retaining the sound and sound qualities of Thror.
    But this headphones will also be less original than the Thror.
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  7. Hardcorist
    May be Þekkr (Thekk) - "Welcome One", or "Desired"? [​IMG]
    Historically, this is one of Odin's alternative names again.
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  8. eric65
    It's funny because I thought of another name quite close to the meaning: "Óski" > The one who realizes the desires.

    But "Þekkr" (Thekk) is also good in its meaning:
    "Desired" "Welcome One" "The popular" "Beloved One" :)

    http://idavoll.e-monsite.com/pages/mythologie/les-ases.html (in french)
    Last edited: Aug 3, 2019
  9. eric65
    Hello everyone,

    I just watched for the first time the video about the Kennerton Magni (first impressions) with subtitles in French, because I can not speak English very well. It's never too late ! :wink:

    Just awesome video! : Shock:

    The author is really excited about this closed-back headphones, its sound balance (not V), its extensions in the highs and lows, the quality of the medium "creamy" and especially the level of details provided by this headphones. He compares the Magni to more expensive headphones (which is classic) and only regrets its closed character that limits the soundstage (even if the soundstage of the Kennerton Magni seems very honest for a closed-back headphones), otherwise, this headphones would be a real " killer " of other headphones much more expensive.

    This Magni closed-back headphone reminds me strongly of the Thror for the sound characteristics described, except for the soundstage of the Thror (wich is a open isodynamic headphones) that I find very correct for an open headphones, and which is (for my ears on the Viva 2A3 amp) superior to that of another open reference headphones (like the Focal Utopia), and also the Odin mk2.

    Kennerton's planar prototype (the Thekk?), If it is ever commercialized, could then meet the Magni reviewer's ideal in this video above.

    A very pleasant and powerful sound, "neutral" (not in V), detailed, with this time a very good soundstage, at a very competitive price for a planar headphones (isodynamic), just as is the Magni (for the price, except the soundstage) this time for a closed-back electrodynamic headphones. :)
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  10. Strayngs
    I have had my eye on the Wells Audio Milo for a while. I worried it might be too much power for my Thridi but I watched a review of the Milo which the reviewer had huge praise for the Milo with the Thror. This week I was able to get a Milo at a cost I could not resist. Cannot wait to see how the pairing is.
  11. eric65
    Last edited: Aug 6, 2019
  12. Milan01
    Hi everyone,

    Here is Thror in stabilized Carelian Birch!


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  13. eric65
    A Kennerton Thror in stabilized Karelian Birch of color emerald green; it is superb!

    Too bad for @ithilienrp who has no real luck in his quest for a Thror in Karelian birch stabilized or not.
    Indeed, the Thror "Dark Knight" in stabilized Karelian birch of black color with bluish tints already gone, and this one, of emerald green color, already seems to have a lucky owner.

    Remains the Kennerton Thror in Karelian Birch wood natural, unstabilized, also superb! :)
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  14. eric65
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  15. eric65
    Hi all, again.

    and if the four most beautiful Kennerton headphones in the world were those?

    Kennerton Odin mk2 in natural Karelian birch (early, with the old pads V1).
    Owner : me.

    Kennerton Thror in Karelian birch stabilized of black color with bluish tints "The Dark Knight".
    Lucky owner : unknown.

    Kennerton Thror in Karelian birch stabilized of emerald green color.
    Lucky owner : a Finn.

    Kennerton Vali in Karelian birch stabilized made from a cross-section of a tree trunk.
    Lucky owner : not sold yet?
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