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Kennerton ODIN, MAGISTER, VALI, Magni, Thridi, Thekk, and Thror Discussion

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by bowei006, Sep 1, 2014.
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  1. cfranchi
    I’m the proud owner of a Kennerton Vali + Chord Mojo : the Vali really shines, it is an headphone that hits hard with plenty of impact and musical engagement (my trusty Fidelio X2 just cannot compete).

    However, as a complent of the Vali, I’m looking for an headphone with more melody and smoothness.

    I was thinking to the Hifiman HE-400s, as he got an excellent review on innerfifelity (I think I have the same taste than Tyll).
    I was also thinking to the Kennerton Odin, but price is really a big step.
    Aeon Flow Open seems another good candidate, in fact I think I want to listen to the 'planar' sound.
    I already had an Amiron but the mids were too recessed for me.

    Gents, do you have other proposal ?
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  2. eric65

    The Kennerton Odin mk2 (now only available in second hand) is both more resolute and softer than the Vali; it is an headphone extremely pleasant to listen to (very euphonic and addictive).

    The new flagship Kennerton Thror is even more resolute, more neutral and finer than the Odin mk2 ; but it is quite expensive although it is well worth its price compared to planar very high end (note : see the comparison of the planar very high end in previous page : https://www.head-fi.org/threads/new...-fischer-at-ifa.732814/page-122#post-14445864).

    The new Odin mk3 (Thridi) is closer to the sound of the Thror than the Odin mk2; it is the same price as the old Odin mk2; it is currently available only for pre-order.

    PS: You can see in image (below) the difference between the Vali, the Odin mk2 and the Thror (Tror), and at the associated link.

    (NB: click on the image to zoom and see more details).

    (Note: the balance of color temperature (and also saturation and color dynamics), is not the same from one image to another and therefore from one headphone to another, going here from "neutral" for the Thror (Tror), to "warm" for the Odin and for the Vali, with a more pronounced color dynamic for the Vali, but of lower resolution than the two planar headphones, as represented here).
    Last edited: Aug 28, 2018
  3. cfranchi
    Thanks Eric, I had already seen your analogy on HCFR

    maybe an odin mk1 as second hand, but price is still high
  4. Arcamera
    The ZMF Ori is worth checking out. Planar, laid back/easy-going, smooth. I love my Vali (two of them!), but it can be a forward, intense listen. When I want to chill down some more I usually reach for the ZMF Ori, or the Audioquest NightHawk. (Not as high in sound quality, but very easy-going, tube-like and enjoyable).
  5. Arcamera
    By the way, I also really like (and own) the ZMF Atticus. Smooth yet full-bodied, warm and rich, yet also pretty fast and detailed. Might be too bassy for some though. Similar to the Audeze sound.

    But anyway, Viva Kennerton!
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  6. eric65
  7. Milan01
    Nice ! Congratulations for your brother Eric :wink:
  8. eric65
  9. Milan01

    my Odin is coming tomorrow!!!
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  10. Milan01
    Hi everybody !

    1 year after having stumbled on the internet on a beautiful headphone, the Kennerton Odin, and having been able to test one thanks to Pierre Paya, I have the honor to announce that I could realize my dream, by offering me this helmet, this Odin!



    At first I was not a fan of the color sapele (a mahogany wood) but this one is particularly beautiful I think !
    What is beautiful is that the color, the brightness of the wood varies depending on the light, it has sublime reflections in the sun! In short, the aesthetic side, not disappointed to have chosen this Odin in ads on occasion. And yes, for those who do not know, I'm only 18 (finally in 2 months :) so I can not financially buy at the price of nine (by the way I'm maybe the most young owner of an Odin in the world :).

    Otherwise thank you again to firegon who I bought this headset on Headfi, it seems that the Odin is new so it is flawless! The serial number of my headphone is 107, it's an odin mk2 (I prefer this version than the mk1 and mk3 that I listened to also)

    Sound level is even more magical than the first time I listened to the loan of this headset, because I had the Chord Mojo as a dac amp before and now I have the Burson Conductor.
    The only little complaint I had with the mojo and the Odin was a small lack of openness and spatialization. With the burson conductor, the sound is even more INCREDIBLE, a perfect opening and spatialization for me, a perfect balance, a beauty of beautiful timbres with beautiful contrasts.

    Mediums are sensational, just like the rest of the spectrum, very linear. There is matter and density on the voices, each instrument has many bodies, the separation of the instruments is just perfect.
    The bass is deep, it impacts properly, it is dry but not too much.
    The high rise but still maintain a sweetness, they are absolutely beautiful.

    We have an ultra realistic final rendering, we do not even feel the electronics of the headphones, we are transported to the music, it's incredible.

    Difficult to describe my feelings when listening to this headset, all these superlatives used are only weak words compared to the emotion that gives me this headphone.

    And in addition to all this, it is ultra versatile, all my music makes perfect, even the few ones that are mp3, because not found elsewhere than on youtube (all the rest of my music is wav and flac)
    It happens to be very detailed without attacking the ears, it has no extreme rendering like some headphones with either a very light or very dark, with a lot of treble or a lot of bass, everything is perfectly balanced for me.I am so happy to have found my grail in terms of sound, I did a lot of research to achieve this result. In my opinion, my tastes, the best headphone in the world, not superior on all criteria to other headphones but the most pleasant to hear.

    I can not yet realize that the Kennerton Odin is now my headphone, it's a unique experience to live.

    In short, I realized my dream of audiophile !
    Last edited: Sep 3, 2018
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  11. eric65
    I know a young man very happy today. :beyersmile:

    Congratulations on the purchase of this beautiful Odin mk2! :)
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  12. Milan01
    Thanks Eric !

    Sorry for the delay of my feedback, but I was very occuped this week since Thursday :beyersmile::beyersmile::dt880smile:
    Last edited: Sep 2, 2018
  13. eric65
    ... obviously you were very busy listening to your headphones! :)

    Beware, the Odin is a particularly euphoric and addictive headphone; listen it in moderation! :dt880smile:
    Last edited: Sep 3, 2018
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  14. XP_98
    FInally, I found a french cable manufacturer (DM-Audio) who made this fine cable for me : it adds a little more clarity to the trebles without adding harschness, preserves the impact of bass and the warm to neutral sound of Magister. Besides, this cable is much more supple, without microphonics and shorter (all 3 things I didn't like with the stock cable). Finally, I could choose the color matching with the oak wood :)[​IMG] [​IMG]
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  15. DancingShade
    I know that ear pad rolling with the Kennerton Valis doesn't really work but I like to do it with all my headphones (some good combos out there) and I found an alternate pair that actually doesn't ruin the tuning! (everything else I tried did and I have a reasonably extensive ear pad collection)

    Perforated ZMF Ori sheepskins. The perforated part is a must.

    I'm not saying this is better than the stock pads but it's pretty close and if you prefer a larger ear pad then I recommend giving them a go. As they're a bit larger you'll want to stretch them over the actual wooden cups themselves rather than use the mounting ring the stock pads attach to. Will be fairly secure though.
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