New Kennerton ODIN (Planar Magnetic), MAGISTER, VALI headphones,cables,amps from Fischer at IFA

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  1. Greg02
    Is the Tror the evolution of what seemed to be Odin Mk3 drivers that were shown at CanJam London this year, or is it something new entirely?
  2. eric65
    Thank you @Greg02 for opening the 100th page of the Kennerton Head-Fi Thread. :)

    To answer your question: The prototype of the Kennerton Tror that I was able to test in France looks like one of the two versions of the prototype of the improved Odin presented at CanJam London 2017 called a moment Odin mk3 (to distinguish it from the current mk2 version of the Odin) then Kennerton Zeus.

    This is the lightweight version for the weight (compared to the Odin mk2) presenting the new lighter drivers for both the driver's frame and for the new High tech membrane giving a sound "colder" than that of the current Odin mk2 and a FR (frequency response) close to the ideal target response.

    This is not the other prototype version of the improved Odin also presented at CanJam London which gave him a warmer sound than the current Odin with a different driver concerning the membrane (more complex, in "Iris "for the periphery) distinct of the driver with the membrane "honeycomb" retained for the Tror which giving the sound colder, but also more airy and more accurate than the current Odin mk2.

    Has there been meanwhile a new driver evolution between the prototype of the Odin mk3 presented at CanJam London 2017 and the current prototype of the Tror that I could listen in France? I do not know ; perhaps ...

    In any case, the prototype tested in France of the Kennerton Tror had a 3D printed version of the new T-shaped external grid (pending a final aluminum version), lighter, distinct from the heavy zinc grid of the current Odin mk2 .
    I think that the prototype of the Tror tested in France must be even lighter than the prototype of the Odin "mk3" presented in London, because of this different external grid (lighter) for the prototype of the Tror presented in France.

    Otherwise,I give back the link of your intervention on Head-Fi during the CanJam London 2017 and the discovery of the two prototypes "mk3" of the improved Odin (first prototype with the driver giving a colder sound than the current Odin mk2 (a priori close to the driver of the Tror tested in France) and the second prototype with an other driver (not retained for the Tror) giving a warmer sound than the Odin mk2) ; these two prototypes of the Odin mk3 presented in London are not to be confused with the very surprising electrodynamic multi-driver prototype Kennerton with 2 x 19 mini speakers.
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  3. eric65
    Hi all.

    Kennerton Odin mk2 (with brown pads) and cable in Litz wire, in grey color (from Pierre Paya) and the prototype of the Kennerton Tror (with black pads and the stock cable Kennerton in Litz wire, black nylons sheathed), with the impressive Viva Egoista 845 SET tube amplifier (left) and Viva Egoista 2A3 amp (right, yellow color) at the Sound-Days 14-15 October 2017 in Paris.


    Listening impressions of these two Kennerton planar headphones, on the French forum, here:
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  4. eric65
    Hi again.

    I realize that during my complete review of the prototype of the Tror tested in France early October 2017, in direct comparison of my lovely Odin mk2 wooden in Karelian birch, the two headphones tested on the same tube amplifier Viva 2A3 (link of this review:, and well, many of you do not even know the sound of the Odin, which can make a little abstract this review of the two headphones (Tror Vs Odin mk2) for lack of other known reference.

    You have the opportunity to get a better idea of the sound of the Odin mk1 (first 50 series), then the Odin mk2 (improved version of the Odin for aesthetics and reliability of the drivers) by following this link: and in particular reading this impression of listening to @zeloutre on head-fi when comparing an Odin mk2 in Zebrano wood (current version of the Odin) with an Audeze LCD3 of similar price (in France).
    Link: .

    Otherwise, you also have the short listening impression of @Greg02 during CanJam London 2017 (in July) for the listening to the improved prototype of the Odin (which will be called here Odin mk3), forerunner of the tested prototype of the Tror in France, early October 2017, in my review above.
    and: .


    quote Yacine (in the French Forum HCFR) about the Tror and the Odin:

    " Today at the festival "SON & IMAGE" (in Paris - France) I saw Pierre, Ali and Julien ... To go straight to the point, I tested the Tror.
    For my part I found that the Tror went much further than the Odin on all the criteria: comfort, spatialization, details, extremities of the bandwidth .... .... Even if the listening conditions were not top with a lot of noise, I clearly understood that with the Tror it was 4K HDR whereas the ODIN was only FULL HD.
    (translator's note: comparison in terms of image, for definition of sound)

    The Tror is an excellent headphone that I will locate between an ABYSS V2 and a UTOPIA. Basically it is too "straight" for me, so I preferred the ODIN on the VIVA 2A3.
    : Love: "

    Read more at:

    I like this comparison to the image to define what brings more a headphone compared to another headphone in terms of general definition and accuracy of the soundstage and the texture of sound.

    The image is very telling, even if it is only a metaphor compared for the sound.

    I have already made this comparison between the definition of sound and an image between a Kennerton Odin, qualified, in terms of sound definition, to use the metaphor for the image, of "Full HD 1080p" compared to the Kennerton Vali (and even the Audeze LCD -X or LCD3) that I would rather put in the category of definition lower "HD 720p" (always like a metaphor in terms of image compared to the sound); these last headphones themselves being more defined and more accurate than a "standard" headphone that would be of standard resolution (in terms of image) "SD 480p".

    As for the Tror, Yacine says it himself and I agree on this point: the Tror provides in terms of precision of the sound (general definition, precision of the soundstage and the texture of the sound), which would bring a screen with 4K resolution (2160p), compared to other screens with lower resolution and precision (full HD 1080p, HD 720p and SD 480p displays).

    This image below (to zoom) summarizes quite well this metaphor between the precision and resolution of the image of a side, and that given for the sound: general definition, precision of the soundstage and the texture of the sound, for several categories of headphones.

    The Tror gives the sound with a definition "4K (2160p)" (in comparison to that of the image of a screen)
    The Odin, a little less precise than the Tror, gives the sound with a definition "Full HD 1080p" (idem)
    The Vali (and the LCD-X or LCD3) a little less precise than the Odin, give the sound with a definition "HD 720p" (idem)
    A "standard" headphone, less accurate than the Vali or the LCD-X or LCD3 gives a sound with a definition only "SD 480p" (idem)

    [​IMG] (NB: click on the image to zoom and see more details).

    (Note: the balance of color temperature (and also saturation and color dynamics), is not the same from one image to another and therefore from one headphone to another, going here from "neutral" for the Tror, to "warm" for the Odin and for the Vali, with a more pronounced color dynamic for the Vali, but of lower resolution than the two planar headphones, as represented here).
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  5. eric65
    Hi all.

    It was missing in the table (or rather the image) above (post above), a very high resolution "4K" headphone but wicht sounding more "cold" and also more "bright" compared to the Tror (and even more so compared to the Odin).

    It's now done.

    (NB: click on the image to zoom in and have more details)

    (Note: I have not put a name to the headphone in question ; I do not even know if it exists ...)
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  6. eric65
    Hi all, again.

    Seen on Facebook the photo (below) of the last cable Kennerton, the one that was associated with the prototype of the Kennerton Tror during the "Sound-Days" in Paris (the 14-15 last October) and that I could test at home, with the Tror, compared to two other Kennerton cables and the Pierre's Vectura-C cable.
    It was the best Kennerton cable tested (in transparency, neutrality and dynamics) with the Tror; the pleasure of use is identical to the excellent cable Vectura-C of Pierre, also in Litz wire, that I appreciate a lot associated with my lovely Odin mk2.

    See also this link:

    I hope this new Kennerton cable will be the one that will be delivered with the future Kennerton Tror (with a 6.35 mm Jack): the set will be of very high level.


    Comments from this cable, by Kennerton, on his Facebook site:
    "Custom Litz Cable.
    Handmade premium cable with using multifilament conductors in individually sleeve each of our four custom manufactured natural silk isolated stranded OCC wires, which is then braided to improve sound quality and decline interference noise."

    And the retail price of this new Kennerton cable: $ 390.00
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  7. Kennerton Team
    Hi Eric,
    No, this cable will not be included with Tror. If we include it with the Tror the price will bump up noticeably. We prefer giving customers an opportunity to choose the cable themselves rather than forcing them to buy it. However, we are planning to make a discount on this cable if bought together with Tror, Odin or Vali.
    Furthermore, we improved old stock cables, so they will sound noticeably better than current ones.
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  8. eric65
    Thank you, @Kennerton Team, for this precise answer.
  9. eric65
    Hi @Kennerton Team

    Now, we are looking forward to the official price (in USD dollars) of:

    - Kennerton Tror, with the old 2 m detachable copper cable (6.3mm) stock, however this time with an "old stock cable", improved, that sound noticeably better than current ones (currently used for the Odin and the Vali).

    - Kennerton Tror, with the new Kennerton handmade premium Litz cable (new 2 m, nylon sleeving detachable OFC cable, Litz wire (6.3mm)) in photo above).
    (note: "Custum Litz Cable" ($390.00 retail) whose price will be reduced if delivered at the same time as a Tror, or a Odin or a Vali).
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  10. eric65
    Hi again,

    Last test of the Kennerton Odin ; review (in French) published in Son-Video's blog, by Tristan Jacquel.
    (note: use your favorite translator)

    NB: about translation (with Google Translate):

    "Grave" (in french) = bass (and not "serious")
    "Médium" (in french) = Medium or mid
    "Aigu" (in french) = treble (and not "acute")

    "casque" (in french) = headphone (and not "helmet")
    "timbre" (in french) = Timbre (tone) (and not "stamp")
    etc... :beyersmile:
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  11. ithilienrp
    I like your idea, Eric, of using "images" as metaphor of headphones sounding. I definitely like the "warmer" images in your post :)
  12. eric65
    Thanks Dave. :)

    Between a "cold" image, a "neutral" image and a "warm" image, my preference will go spontaneously to the "warm" image, more attractive and pleasant to look at; but I am also sensitive to the neutrality of an image, and I prefer an image on the warm side of the neutral than on the cold side of the neutral, the "true" neutral being very difficult to establish.

    Finally, and this is obvious, I prefer a high resolution image ("Full HD" or "4K") that a low resolution image (480p); and for high-resolution images I prefer images with rather soft and warm tones, and nuanced (like a good plasma screen) rather than brightly toned images, especially if "cold" or with a "surgical" precision (as with some screens LCD).

    It is the same for the headphones and their sound colorations, and their sound precisions.

    Otherwise, Dave, if your approach to transform one of your two headphones Odin mk2 with the drivers of the Tror succeds, well I think you will be happy to have two headphones "high and very high resolution" sound, giving for one (the Odin) a more "warm" tone than the Tror (on the warm side of the neutral), and for the other (the headphones with the drivers of the Tror) a tone more "cold" (than the Odin), but not at all cold and analytical or surgical; the tone will simply be closer to the "neutral" than the Odin; this last headphone (with the drivers of the Tror) will bring another color to the sound (clearer, straighter, and more "neutral", probably more fair), which may be better for some musical instruments (piano, violin); especially for listening to classical music.
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  13. George Taylor
    Just a quick heads up. The Vali (massdrop version) is up on Massdrop again. Looks like it's for 4 more days yet. Check it out.
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  14. eric65
    Good evening everyone,

    Good buys on Massdrop for the Kennerton Vali!

    Otherwise, the French are a bit crazy; the French Kennerton thread, on HCFR just reached 500 pages!

    And why ? because we're talking currently about Steinway pianos, Bösendorfer, Bechstein, Erard, and even Yamaha ...

    What relationship with headphones?
    Well, it is to know if headphones in general, and Kennerton headphones in particular, are able to differentiate the timbres of a piano, for example a Steinway model D Versus Bösendorfer Imperial.

    The French are crazy ... or passionate! :)
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  15. eric65
    Hi all.

    About the future Kennerton Tror and the cables that will be used with the Tror (Stock cable and cable "Custom" optional), I give you some informations from Vasily (through Pierre Paya, french importer of the brand Kennerton, who kept me informed by mail during the discussion concerning a pre-order of the Tror, which would be available soon).
    Note: we just currently wait for confirmation of the final price in euros (Tax VAT included).

    Quote Vasily: " Cups (of the Tror) will be from Bog Oak because of this wood lightweight from options available to us. Custom cable can be got separately. In a regular complete set there has to be a new cable which repeats a design of the previous cable for Odin/Vali, but the braid and connectors will be changed for the achievement of the best quality."
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