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JVC HA-S600 A just released - any good?

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jjbug, Sep 28, 2010.
  1. JJBug
    Future shop just got some JVC HA-600 A headphones in for $50. Are these any good or are they so new no one has one? I need a present for someone with an ipod classic for Thursday so I can't order something better online. He needs new headphones. They also have Sennheiser 408s for the same price.
    I heard (and read here after some searching this morning) JVC were usually okay - but are they 'good' or just for people who are not really into their music? Would people here buy JVC phones or are they just not good enough in quality in general to tempt people away from the big names people always discuss here? Don't want to buy him crap phones. They look good - little small maybe.
  2. UnknownSound
    Hi, same here, I was wondering if they were the bose triport with the REAL price haha.
  3. Oggranak
    Quickly, somebody, go take one for the team.
  4. mrnoodle
    I had this a week ago. My impression is that it's really meant for portable use. No audiophile stuff here.
    MP3 play was nice enough on my computer. But for movies and games, it sounded atrocious to me. Very muddy.
    I have distinct feeling that it may be same cans as Creative Auravna Live. Design cues are very similar from
    headband, cups, to ear pads and leather stitchings. At least made from same factory.
    Prolly designed to give feeling of bass from low power source (with so called Carbon diaphragm).
    Auravana calls theirs "ultra-thin bio-cellulose diaphragm". Probably same stuff.
    This makes sense to me. diaphragm is thin, so it's responsive to low-power source like portable players and easy to drive
    for bass.
    I returned it and got HD408 for same price, I liked its sound better but couldn't get over the supra-aural design
    with pads touching my ear. Overall design is quite weird and pressured my head in wrong area.
    Returned 408 and got HD428. Loved the sound, mellow, uncolored, restrained bass, hint of wider soundstage than previous ones.
    But it hurt my ears and NCIX was selling HD555 for 79 bucks. So I returned 428 and got 555. What a steal.
    JVC, for portable players, will be quite good. It sounded nice for music. Build quality was excellent. But I was really looking for home use cans, and despite being full size, JVC was not it. Note that 408 is open back, sound leak-in and out. Might be problem for outdoor use.
  5. rhfactor1
    It's been my experience in the past that it takes at least 300 hours of music burn-in for most JVC headphones to sound good. Yes, I said 300 hours. The CAL is a fostex diaphram (D1001) an off-white color and the S600 I'm sure would be a dark charcoal color if the S650 is any indication-not the same diaphram. I'll probably purchase these when I can and take my chances. Happy Listening.
  6. mushimaster
    The JVC HA-S600 are a pretty good value if you don`t need accesories,​
    aqnd in my opinion sound better than the Beats By DR DRE SOLO HD.......​
    get them they sound pretty good.​

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