Just lost $200 to my ex
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Tell her that your therapist thinks it's important for you to get the iPod back, then exact your revenge on her therapist for playing a role in stealing something from you.
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Originally Posted by ken36 /img/forum/go_quote.gif
I would be wary of having relationship with someone seeing a therapist. Maybe $200.00 was a bargain.

i agree! my therapist told me not to date anyone who sees a therapist.
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Originally Posted by YamiTenshi /img/forum/go_quote.gif
Since we don't have all the details of your relationship, if you really do think the relationship is salvageable and you really do want to be with this girl again, then that might have been the right thing to do.

iPod given to currently-ex girlfriend: $200.00

salvaged relationship with formerly ex-girlfriend: priceless (trust me on this)
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y dont u try seducing the therapist and convince her to convince your ex gf to return u your ipod?
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if there was an option of somewhere between the two, honorable thing, but wth were you thinking.

lol - damned if you did, damned if you didnt.

i have done similar things and mostly regretted it, but i am an old fashioned romantic, and some devilsome voice in my head always tells me to do what you did.

but one occasion i knowingly bought an ex a very expensive camrea setup for her first real camera, as a birthday present, we both knew the relationship was about to end, but when she opened it, made her cry (in a good way- i think) and i bought it because i liked her more than i can say here, now.

and i got more pleasure in giving than any other action would have granted me.

so dont worry. just use it as a reason/memory to think back of your ex and shared times.
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Originally Posted by ken36 /img/forum/go_quote.gif
I would be wary of having relationship with someone seeing a therapist. Maybe $200.00 was a bargain.

Hahaha. I had to laugh at this. In modern American culture, there are two types of people. Those currently seeing a Therapist, and those who should be seeing one.
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Now a days most every one is in therapy. Except for Ken36 and me.

If it was a gift from the heart then what the hey. The only things I’ve ever really regretted were the things I didn’t do.

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remember, therapist is also spelt the rapist, and you my friend, just got...nevermind.

ps- i think the whole stress thing is bull. i think having a SO helps you cope with stress better because there's someone you can lean on rant to. Dumped is dumped, no matter what excuse someone gives. Next time save your gifts for someone who cares about you.
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Originally Posted by nikongod /img/forum/go_quote.gif
2: you find a way to keep giving her the meatstick after giving her this ipod and getting dumped. this is actually ideal if you can avoid the whole relationship issues.

Now that was a laugh I needed!

(I agree)

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As of now the poll is 21 YES and 11 NO. it would be interesting to know the ages of the voters. I'd be willing to bet the YES group for the most part are less than 30 years old and the NO group over 30. I believe this because as one grows older one tends to take the high road more often when dealing with the opposite sex. I'm speaking of men only, it would be foolish of me to speak for woman.
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Originally Posted by wes.coleman /img/forum/go_quote.gif
I bought my (currently ex-) girlfriend a 3G 8gig iPod nano for her birthday last week. Before she knew I bought it for her, she decided to end our relationship (for reasons completely out of my control. Her "therapist" suggested it would be the best thing for her now...a**hole
). I ended up giving it to her anyway, because I'm a nice guy. Mistake?

If it makes you feel any better, I've lost about $10K to a credit card bill that my ex ran up. And there's stil $3K on the account.
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You gave it to her because you cared about her, and still do. So that wasn't a mistake.
Now, her taking it, that's a different story
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I don't think it was a mistake - it was just your way of saying "I'm a pathetic doormat and you can walk all over me any time you want. I'll be here if you want to get back together and treat me like dirt again, baby!"

Which if correct, was not a mistake. Just inadvisable.

OTOH, I get the impression that you're young - some day you'll long for the days when $200 was the worst thing you could lose to a woman.

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