Just lost $200 to my ex
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for the most part, people seeing therapists don't need therapy, they need to suck it up and get over their little problems. Yes, there are plenty of people out there that actually need help (REAL depression, suicidal thoughts, cutting, schizophrenia, etc) but unfortunately a lot of people use therapy as an excuse not to deal with their own life. Its too bad, and I'm sure I'll be flamed repeatedly for saying so.

Okay, although I may agree with part of what you said, could you:
A. Provide some evidence (not gut feeling) supporting your statement the majority of patients being therapy unworthy and their need to start "sucking it up" and and stop inflating their unREAL depression?

B. More importantly even if you're right about the need for therapy (and may be), could you also comment (as you've already started) on how the process gives the majority an excuse for not dealing with life? I'd like to know how this plays out exactly. The therapist or group encounter feeds the patients delusions or empowers the static or depressive nature the patient arrived with?

C. Do you have experience (personal or with close ones) with therapy?

D. What does your blanket comment had to do with the OPs question?

Bonus: Have you begun romanticizing why you're likely to get flamed? Is it possible people could find you wrong?
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I would have found it confusing to have a guy I just broke up with give me an expnsive gift as it would bring up conflicting emotions.
Also I would have found it hard to accept it under those conditions as it might feel as if it was being left more open-ended rather than terminating the relationship fully so that we could both move on more easily.
Lastly, depending how much I really wanted to end the relationship and how much was just taking the therapist's advice thinking it the "right thing to do", I might feel a pang of guilt or remorse every time I used the iPod, making it more unhealthy for me in the long run.


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I would be wary of having relationship with someone seeing a therapist. Maybe $200.00 was a bargain.

Why would you avoid someone who was making an effort towards self-improvement?
I have more respect for someone who could see they had issues and was willing to deal with them and work to improve oneself, than someone who was blind to their issues or chose to stick their head in the sand and ignore them like most people.
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Well i answered that you shouldn't have given her the nano, but i think tat it really depend on how your relationship ended up. If you were the bad guy but was only repaying your mistake then it's all right. Then if you got dumped for X reasons and feel like you don't deserve it you made a mistake giving her a 200$ gift.
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Hey, it's only money!

You apparently followed your instincts, which is usually not a bad thing. And remorse is normal. Forget about it. Go out and find another woman, there's plenty more than you might think.

And if the first one comes back into your life, take it one day at a time.

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