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JH Audio - Astell&Kern Diana IEM

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  1. rantng

    Diana_01_W_2048x2048.jpg Diana_03_2048x2048.jpg Diana_05_2048x2048.jpg

    Beautiful both inside and out
    Diana is a product created by combining the world renowned IEM technology of Jerry Harvey Audio, which has long been making custom earphones for musicians around the world, and the expertise of Astell&Kern reputed for their quality products made in Korea.

    Like the Full Metal Jacket Siren Series, which is loved by music enthusiasts around the world, we have created Diana out of a full metal shell to produce a top level IEM in terms of both sound and design.

    Diana features the patented Freqphase from Jerry Harvey Audio and the same new sound bore design applied to Billie Jean. Its impeccably beautiful full metal shell made from aluminum with great precision not only delivers a visually impressive image but also makes the sound more solid so you enjoy the most ideal sound without distortion in all sound ranges.

    The 3-Way 3-Drivers, optimized size, plus silver tinsel and anaerobic copper cables used in high-end top cables, come together to provide outstanding sound that cannot be matched in existing IEM products.

    Created by Jerry Harvey Audio, the inventor of the world’s leading custom earphone and Astell&Kern the favorite of music enthusiasts around the world, Diana lets you enjoy its beautiful design and amazing sound at the same time.


  2. bvng3540
    Is there any comparison btw this and the rest of their other iem,
  3. rantng
    They just announced this IEM 2 days ago. I haven't seen any impressions yet. It seems to be more in line with the Michelle & Billie Jean/A&K collaborations than JH's own line of monitors.
  4. Focux
    seems pricey..
  5. PhilW
    I like the look of these to be honest. Good coming with a 2.5mm cable as standard and 3.5mm adapter.
  6. bflat
    Don't know if I am amazed or amused with AK marketing jargon. "Anaerobic" copper sounds like something new, but a quick look at Websters shows that it means "oxygen free" which is a basic level of copper for audio cables. I'm also scratching my head on price. The Rosie which has more BA drivers and the bass tuners are priced the same but not easy to find now.
  7. BulldogXTRM
    Looks like the form factor change for the JH universals is changing as I was told they would be. It doesn't look as huge in comparison to the others. Does seem too highly priced though for what you're getting. 3 drivers for $800?
    rantng likes this.
  8. rantng
    I’ll wait to see what the next generation shells are like for the non-A&K models (Roxanne, Angie, etc.)
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  9. rantng
    The A&K sticker on it makes it worth at least 30% more. Seriously though, when you consider the JH13 has 8 drivers for $999, this seems overpriced. And I know it's not about driver count, but when you're talking about driver count, within the same company, with the same technology/features, $799 does seem like a lot for a triple driver. We'll have to wait and see I guess.
  10. Deezel177
    During my most recent trip to Japan, I managed to demo the Diana. Although I couldn't compare them to JH's other IEMs, I came away really impressed by the Diana's unique sound signature and admirable technical performance. Here's an excerpt from my e-earphone article on TheHeadphoneList.com. Enjoy! :D

    Astell&Kern/JHAudio Diana

    The Diana is a gorgeous vocal performer: Warm, enveloping and luscious, yet articulate as well. A healthy rise throughout the mid-bass and lower-midrange construct romantic, bloomy instruments that radiate warmth throughout the stage. However, the lower- and upper-treble combat it with sufficient articulation. There’s little effort made to clean the stage pristinely, but the treble brilliantly rides the line between crisply clear and tonally sound.

    Cymbals and hi-hats cut through the mix with excellent sparkle – and a dip around 8kHz guarantees smoothness – but the star of the show is clearly those wholesome, gutsy lower-mids. Male vocals sound gorgeously rounded, and electric guitars sing with a belly full of fat, rich tones. It should be noted however, that female balladeers, violins, woodwinds and other higher-pitched instruments may come across sounding a touch too buttery, heavy or harmonic; chesty, perhaps.

    Instruments are unapologetically large and intimate, but sufficient treble extension prevents them from ever congesting the stage. The image it posits is neither impressively wide nor deep, but there’s enough space between the listener and the performance to invoke a natural sense of headroom and air. The Diana is the epitome of romantic and lush done right. It’s thickly-coloured and knows it, but I can’t help but harken back to 70’s, tube-amp-driven guitars, rock vocals and undamped tom toms with JHAudio’s latest concoction: A luscious, bloomy and instantly engaging piece to look out for.

    EE-7 copy.jpg
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  11. Focux

    how'd ya reckon these fare against the Jomo Quatre and Flamenco?
  12. Focux
  13. Deezel177
    They're extremely different to my ears. The Flamenco is more neutral, compact and tight. The Quatré is a fair bit more lively and loose than the Flamenco, but remains in that realm of fun, vibrant quickness. The Diana isn't necessarily a slow or congealed-sounding IEM, but it does have some meat to its bones. It's warm, but a refined sense of warmth that you'd find with tube amps - as in guitar amps; not headphone amps. :D I'd equate it almost as an IEM version of the 2-wire PWAudio 1960s in tone, but with a smoother edge, or of the 4-wire Effect Audio Lionheart, but with a less open and bright middle-treble.
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  14. Focux
    haha i enjoyed the quatre alot more than the flamenco

    flamenco felt very coherent and less engaging compared the quatre for me
  15. denis1976
    They arrived....they are awsome, for the price and above it.... P_20190110_140246.jpg
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