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  1. JH Audio Sheena

    JH Audio Sheena

    Introducing Sheena, the perfect counterpart to Sharona. Sheena is equipped with half of the components of Sharona, featuring 8-balanced armatures per side with a true 4-way crossover. Sheena is modeled around the all-new RDU Dual Supertweeter, which produces an extended treble response. Sheena...
  2. Jerry Harvey Audio Jolene (universal)

    Jerry Harvey Audio Jolene (universal)

  3. S

    In Ear monitors with good bass extension

    Dear friends, I am in the market for a new pair of in ear monitors for live use. I am a singer with a relatively low voice who is very sensitive to bass response and extension in monitors and microphones. I get quite uncomfortable if a mic isn't flat to at least 60 hz, for example. The same...
  4. justin w.

    Jerry Harvey Jimi AION - Limited Edition Universal IEM (Pre-Order now)

    Jerry Harvey Audio is releasing a universal fit version of their JIMI custom IEM, limited to 200pcs, and offering it exclusively through its dealers such as HeadAmp. The shells are are also smaller than JH's previous generation of universal fit earphones! We are open for pre-orders now: JH...
  5. rantng

    JH Audio - Astell&Kern Diana IEM Beautiful both inside and out Diana is a product created by combining the world renowned IEM technology of Jerry Harvey Audio, which has long been making custom earphones for musicians around the...
  6. Focux

    Astell & Kern Billie Jean review

    Dear folks, This is my first review on Head-Fi, pardon and kindly notify me if there are areas which need polishing. For the longest i have been using my iPhone X as my main source for music (well not really it was only launched less than a year back). Earlier today i finally got a microSD...
  7. Soham Sengupta

    Recommendation on iems under $500 or Rs. 30000

    Hello, I need some recommendation on iems under $500 or Rs.30000 as I live in india. I have found 3 iems that falls in this range - Noble audio trident, JH audio Michelle and shure se535. Which of them is better? Also, if you know of some iem that is similar or better than these 3 in the same...
  8. Evilcalyptic

    Wireless layla w/bassport = Gold

    Check it out mannnn!