JDSLabs C421 Preorder is live...
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Hope people dont mind i'm posting this here too..xP




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I looked inside mine, the ferrite change looks pretty tricky to desolder and then solder in new ones, best leave it to the professionals.

At least if you order the faceplates you get custom engraving.
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Nope, don't mind at all...nice rig! 
Hey out of curiosity, what LOD is that?  It looks nice!!

Its DIY Lod i bought from one of the head fier, but to my ears fiio LOD sounds better than that~ 
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Anyone getting interference with the 8620?  My cell phone is my source.

I used to get a bit of interference with mine (I also get interference with my Leckerton and the new Magni amp from Schiit...).
I'm not sure if the new updates help with this or not (probably not...)
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Anyone getting the new Schiit? I heard its about the same in SQ as the C421, but with less soundstage and a lot more power.


less sound stage :[, ewww

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