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Japanese Brand IEM Thread

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  1. DocHoliday

    Several requests over on the Chinese/Asian IEM thread for a more specific "Japanese IEM thread", so....voila.


    Sony and JVC come to mind almost immediately. Perhaps those of you with the classic/old skool Sony & JVC models can start off with feedback on how said classic models compare to the ever-expanding choices available today.



    Looking forward to your feedback.

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  2. Podster
    Sony's Asian:scream_cat: I thought that company was started by Mr. Bono and Cher in Cali:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
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  3. BrunoC
    Sony MH-755 is now a classic. A true budget gem!

    SONY MH-755.jpg
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  4. Podster
    Indeed, they are what the Monks are but for iem's:beerchug:

    Where I think the Japanese excel are in the CIEM realm, thinking Empire Ears and Fitears are Japanese no? Are 64 Audio also Japanese? Why am I posing this to all of you I have google ability:rolling_eyes:
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  5. ScottPilgrim
    Awesome!! :D Let the nippon invasion begin!
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  6. mochill
    I have a lot of Japanese iems also one over ear
  7. NeonHD
    I just bought the MH-755 on eBay. Can't believe I haven't heard of these gems until recently.
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  8. surfgeorge
    The JVC HA-FD02 is an excellent bargain if you are willing to do a mod.

    They are supremely comfortable, play any kind of music well, but they are particularly great for vocals.
    I bought them as an upgrade to the chinese Moondrop Kanas Pro, and while those were good enough to get me hooked on IEMs, the FD02 with the mod is just a lot better at almost the same price.
    Timbre is very accurate (I am very ciritcal with classic music), bass is weighty and hits hard (although not as fast and textured as the Sony EX800) it is clear, detailed and smooth. Running a frequency sweep I hear very smooth treble, extending well to my hearing limit of 15kHz. No spikes, just a few moderate bumps.

    Really a great and very solid buy!
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  9. ScottPilgrim
    You had my curiosity, now you have my attention! What mods did you do to em? Do they have the same driver as the FD01??
  10. surfgeorge
    Yes, they use the same driver as the FD01. Check the linked post about the mod, very simple and reversible.
  11. CoiL
    So I imagine You (and probably many others, especially based on graph of modded) would take it in modded configuration over Oxygen, KPE, EX800ST; KXXS anytime?
    Really got me interested as it is cheaper than Oxygen and about same price with KXXS. Not planning to "upgrade" till my KPE dies but will leave a mark about this.
  12. surfgeorge
    The answer to this question is mostly yes :)
    I sold the KPE after getting the FD02 and listening to both for a few weeks. I did like the floating mids and rolling sub bass of the KPE, but overall it was no contest.
    The Oxygen - I had only a few minutes with them, so I can't fairly compare them. But in those minutes I didn't hear anything that would make me consider getting them over the cheaper FD02.
    KXXS - I would be interested in hearing them. IMO, the FD02 has a faster, more textured and more even bass response than the KPE. From what I read it seems the KXXS changes the tuning of the KPE but does not change the fundamental driver and design.

    EX800ST - now that's an interesting comparison.
    Since I have that one, I can say more about it. It's really different, and most times I clearly prefer the FD02. It's so much more musical.
    The EX800ST is designated a monitor IEM and I think that hits the nail on the head. It is accurate, revealing and spacious, it lays out the music in front of me.
    The FD02 pulls me into the music. At work, I can't listen to the FD02 because if I get to a really good song I can't focus on work anymore.

    Within the next weeks/months I will put the FD02 to the test against the AK T8iE MKII.
    That's $300 vs $1200 MRSP. It will be very interesting how it holds up.
    (Street price of FD02 in Japan is around $200, international around $270)
    Last edited: May 12, 2019
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  13. Dani157
    Any legit sellers of MH-755 on eBay? If someone can direct me to a seller selling genuine ones it'd ve really helpful. Thanks in advance.
  14. Renamed Ed
    I purchased some from eardio, they seem legit. The weight (8.5) is correct according to posts read here.
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  15. SoundDouble
    I've actually been making a list so I am prepared for my trip later this year. Correct me if I'm wrong.

    Radius -- already have and love
    Final audio
    Ocharachu -- hopefully I can find them
    Acoustune -- very interested in giving a listen

    And then I have some hp on my list also, but this is an iem thread.
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