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I'm not sure exactly where you draw the lines between italo, synth-pop and euro-dance. But this video by Moses (aka Jerry Cutillo) also has a vibe somewhat similar to alot of the above.
Me neither. Kinda hard to define.

This is one of my all time favourites.

The Flirts - Passion​

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FUN FUN - Give A Little Love Again​

No idea why this song has so few views. It's one of the better Italo Disco songs in my opinion.. but that is one of the reasons why i like this genre. You can find hidden gems that nobody knows about that can suddenly be re-discovered by the internet and blow up.. which i've seen with quite a few italo-disco songs.. like for instance the Clio songs posted on the first page of this thread.. nobody gave a doodoo and then suddenly "What this is great"
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