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Dec 29, 2020
Did not see an Italo-Disco thread, just a more vague Disco thread with more modern content which i don't really fancy so i am making one for this particular genre.

Obscure songs are more than welcome.

Starting out with Grant Miller - Wings of Love

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CRUISIN' GANG - Chinatown / 12" Remix​

This will sound familiar if you are into trance from the late 90s.
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I had to google the term "Italo-Disco" as I wasn't aware it's a genre -- and I'm Italian. Interesting.

Generally, Italo-Disco consists of English pop vocals (often sung a little weirdly by non-native English speakers) over mid-tempo, heavily synthetic disco or hybrid disco-electro rhythms, with emphasized lead synths. It was mostly produced by Italians in the mid-1980s. This style/scene is said to have been named by ZYX Records boss Bernhard Mikulski to market licensed releases and numerous compilations, although not always strictly Italian productions. Thus, the term is sometimes used more broadly to describe dance music from outside of Italy and from different eras and in more diverse styles. (Discogs)
Raf - Self Control (1984). The song was covered the same year by American singer Laura Branigan.

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Song for Denise
I'm ashamed to admit for having been into Italo-Disco for quite some time now that i only recognized this song because it's from the "wide putin" meme. Added to favourites instantly.

Here is another that has been used in the Meme-o-Sphere in a meme involving a russian in a bunker

Fred Ventura - Winds of Change

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