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Speaking of memes.. this is a weird one that has gone viral on 4chan.. the LP for that reason is quite costly. Reason being that it predates Pepe the frog by almost 20 years, is called the same as Pepe the Frog, having a picture of a frog and having text such as "Ass art" and "Point Emerging Probably Entering" on the vinyl. Meme magick they call it.

Shadilay - PEPE

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Righeira - Vamos Ala Playa (1983)

Diggin the artwork on many of these Italo Disco LPs
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I'm not sure exactly where you draw the lines between italo, synth-pop and euro-dance. But this video by Moses (aka Jerry Cutillo) also has a vibe somewhat similar to alot of the above.

"We Just" by Moses

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