Is this a good price for the IE8?
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Aug 3, 2010
So I have been thinking lately on which IEM I want to purchase next, and the battle was between the TF10 and IE8 as some of you already know from my previous thread. I figured since I auditioned both in the past and preffered the IE8 for everything, about two notches higher than the TF10 except for comfort, I might as well go with them and try dealing with the comfort issue...I can probably find some nice Comply tips for them and get a good fit.
So I decided to call JR and see how much they are and the lowest they did for me was $270 without tax, with tax they are still below $300.
What do you guys think? Good deal? A steal conceivably?
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I'm going with the IE8, and no matter what, no turning back.
I'll update you guys tomorrow with PICS and some info!
Thanks for the support!
Goodnight everybody!


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