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Is the MEZE 99 CLASSICS maybe the best for vocals/midrange?

    is the MEZE 99 CLASSIC--one of the best for vocals/midrange ever?
  2. Monsterzero
    Best mids Ive ever heard are:

    AKG K240 sextetts
    ZMF Atticus
    ATH AD2000s (Non-X-version)
  3. jacknson123
  4. serman005
    There are a number of others that best it.
  5. harry501501
    Not for me.
  6. harry501501
    I have recently purchased the PSB M4U1 which are tremendous for vocals. Mid range very good but there are sets with slightly better detail (not that it's lacking in anyway, just not in your face with it)
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  7. Mhog55
    Nope. Are we talking about at any price range, or 99 classic price range and under? Either way, better definitely exists, and the Classics are a great listen.
  8. FastAndClean
  9. Rhamnetin
    Highly doubt it lol. I've heard tons of headphones in pretty much every price range and let me tell you, once you get to flagship territory, they tend to beat everything in much lower price ranges in every single way, by huge margins. Especially top tier Stax setups; obviously they cost WAY more, but they are just untouchable compared to all non-electrostats in every way except imaging (HD 800/HD 800 S) and sound stage where electrostats don't have an inherent advantage (nor disadvantage).

    So the best vocals and mids I have ever heard in a headphone are from the Stax SR-009. It actually has the best everything I've heard from a headphone really, except imaging where the HD 800 must have been the best (never properly compared them side by side). I haven't listened to the SR-009S yet however.
  10. jacknson123
    stax only has three tiers right?
    entry tier: l300/500
    mid tier:l700 and 007
    top tier: 009
  11. Rhamnetin
    SR-007 ain't no mid tier. A lot of people prefer it to the SR-009; I don't, but I prefer it to every non-electrostat by far. Way more transparent than any non-electrostat, and it is one of the best value high end headphones at just over $2k new and not much more than $1,100 used.

    There's now the SR-009S, their new flagship, but there are no detailed comparisons written versus the SR-009 yet. So I'd keep the tiers mostly as you list them, but group the SR-007 and SR-009S with the SR-009.
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  12. GNR4EVER
    Has anyone heard the STAX L300--how good are they ?
  13. jacknson123
    Okay thanks a lot. It is just impossible here in new york to demo stax.
  14. jacknson123
    I have the L300 but I have never own any other flagships so I cant compare. But it just blow away all mid-tier traditional headphones Ive ever heard like hd650, ie800, k712, etc.
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  15. GNR4EVER
    what amp do you use for it and how are the mids on it

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