Is anyone building the KGSSHV?

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  1. DairyProduce
    Kgst? Where can I find out more about that?
  2. kevin gilmore
    the usual place.

    there was a recent group buy of boards
  3. astrostar59
    You can read lots of posts at the other head forum. As for Geoff's builds (headinclouds) I can vouch for that.
    I got him to build me a KGSShv and it's awesome, top quality build, nice casework and it sounds fantastic.
    I reckon Geoff's KGST will be to the same high standard. He has a design for the exterior. Maybe you should
    PM him for a copy to see.
  4. Lan647
    What differentiates the KGSSHV from the KGSS?
  5. astrostar59
    Voltage, bigger mains transformer, higher voltage rails to 450v from around 350v, various other part changes and board changes.
    Quite a different amplifier. Also the head-Amp KGSS will not be the same as a DIY build of that design. I presume you are referring to the head-amp KGSS? Also the KGSS is on-board heat-sinks, there is an on-board KGSShv and an off-board KGSShv, the later has more amps in the power supply.
  6. Lan647

    Thanks! Yes I was indeed referring to the HeadAmp KGSS.
  7. Nisbeth
    I recently had some KGSSHV and PSU boards made (latest onboard version) and have a couple of pairs left over, so PM me if you need a pair.
  8. kevin gilmore
    mainly the current source at the top of the 3rd stage.
    Then voltages and power levels
  9. gepardcv
    Goodness gracious, this is too tempting! Reading this thread makes me want to build a KGSSHV so bad.
  10. MacedonianHero Contributor
    I've had mine for just over a year and it still has me extremely happy with what I'm hearing from my SR-009s and SR-007MkI's. [​IMG]
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  11. kothganesh
    you and me both! Had a 5 hour marathon with the 007 mk1 on Saturday and 5 hours with the 009 on Sunday (it is Monday here already[​IMG]).
  12. MacedonianHero Contributor
  13. loligagger
    Figured I should show my latest hv build. 450V/10mA output current, uses the old semis. Considerably smaller and lighter than my old hv as well.
    And just for comparison, the new on top of my old hv which is now in purk's hands.
  14. gilency Contributor
    very nice build.
  15. mulveling Contributor
    Props to you sir -- I heard the bottom amp on that stack, and it's now the best I've heard the SR-009 short of Purk's DIY T2. I could listen to it endlessly with the SR-009 and/or SR-007 Mk I.
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