Is anyone building the KGSSHV?

  1. NoPants
    You're asking in the wrong place, the KGSSHV has undergone a fair amount of revisions. The eagle files are available online so anyone can do their own small run.
  2. bbest
    Thanks for advises!
    I have not yet decide that it is better to assemble KGSSHV or T2? Does somebody has an experience of that comparison?
  3. astrostar59
    I would recommend DIY with a KGSShv. Even that is pretty advanced. Have you done DIY before? The voltages involved are lethal and the assembly and soldering involved is not a cake walk. Also you need to source all the components after you have sourced decent PCBs. The T2 is mega advanced and because of the heat issues, few have managed to build one that.
    Anyway, the difference between a really nice off-board KGSShv and a T2 is not that massive I am told. And the cost of a KGSShv would be a third or less to complete IMO.
    I have a headinclouds built KGSShv that I use with the 009s and before that the 007 MK2s. It rocks, and is an end game amp for me. Hope this helps you!
    Here is my KGSShv next to David's BHSE (for size comparison).
  4. bbest
    astrostar59 thanks for answer!
    I have read some threads about Stax DIY. Talked with members from there. And fully agree with you now. Nothing to add to your answer, exactly the same thoughts.
    I' interested in building the KGSSHV on board hearsink version. Do you still have boards left over, and where can I find the BOM/Parts list? Many thanks for your help. What would they cost?
  6. NoPants
    The gerbers are publicly availble for those that want to do their own run. I forget if there's an updated parts list for the latest iteration. 
    Cost is probably north of 1k
    I'm buying boards and parts.
    Can anyone sell me a couple of 2SA1968LS?
    Any advantage of using hexfred soft recovery diodes for the bridges (as is common for SS rectifiers for tube designs)

  8. NoPants
    There's IXTP01N100D which you can  use instead of 1968
  9. ts8051
  10. gilency Contributor
    go to HC..thats were the DIY action is, especially for electrostats

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