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  1. Skylab Contributor

    Same here - I don't think the Apple case looks all that nice, but it's mighty effective.
  2. tacomn




    I was not trolling, but unfortunately it seems i was taken as one. I didnt expect this back lash from my simple comments, as usually there isnt a astigmatism revolving around a product on headfli. Even on appreciation threads, opposed views and questions are dealt with in a whole heartedly fashion and not in a defensive way. I find that when there is some questioning of a product on a forum and people discuss it, I get a better idea on the product and able to understand its capabilities/ drawbacks. I guess audio equipment is really different than headphones, never would of expected the old slaughtering of the lamb thing here though. I guess I have to treat topics like the ipad like I approach religion and politics, Watch your tongue or prepare for war[​IMG]

  3. stevenswall
    Can't we all get along? We could perhaps try focusing on the positive aspects of the iPad... I have found two:
    1. It looks fairly nice
    2. I can read text on its screen easier than a portable device
    I find the problem to be that when you focus on two huge purposes or functions for portable devices, namely media, and web browsing, the iPad craps out. Why do people use it at CanJam? It has terrible headphone output, and doesn't play FLAC. My DAP does both. Why would you surf the web with an iPad? You can't save or download anything, It doesn't support flash, and has compatibility issues with things like fading pictures (ex: here on headfi, try it.) Many modern phones can do all of that at 1/6 the size, not to mention the price. Why do people use it for business? It doesn't behave like a true computer, it's locked down and proprietary, and typing is easier on a netbook.
    As far as consumers go, Thoughtless is the new Normal.
    If it can't even replace a single device, like a Phone, DAP, or Laptop, or better yet all three, what purpose does it have? Or is it truly just another 'lauded' Apple device, doing most everything, but only halfway, and only if Apple allows it, and only if you sync it every 30 days, own a Mac, and pay tribute to Steve 'Wonder' Jobs, a true genius, who knows how to tell people what they like, how much they will pay for it, and what they can do with it.
  4. davo50
    I've had an ipad for about three weeks now.  Sounds corny, but it has really changed our lifestyle.  I am reading more than I have in years.  I am better informed - the news apps are incredible - pick it up and in seconds you have current events at your fingertips.  We quit subscribing to the newspaper.  Web browsing on the couch, in bed.  My wife plays "words with friends" constantly.  We fight over the thing.  My daughter grabs it to check her facebook.....  the GPS, consult it before going to movies, and on and on.......  We leave it on the kitchen counter, the center of the family and it is in constant use.  This would never happen with a laptop or netbook  (which we have also).   the ergonomics, size, portability, and instant booting just make it extremely "usable".
    It's been interesting to see not only here, but many other forums I visit the number of people who constantly try to tell ipad users how terrible a product it is and list the specs vs. netbooks, blah, blah, blah....  Really rather humorous how vitriolic they can get.
    We get it OK - a lot of your points may be true.  So what.  The fact is, the vast majority of owners that have bought and used it are extremely happy with their purchase.  And that's what really matters.
    stevenswall likes this.
  5. DarkSpoon
    not really sure why i'm being called a troll for stating a problem i had with the device. overall, it's a neat device but, like every device, it has some drawbacks.
  6. Mr Do Contributor
    Can we please get back to the topic at hand? Now that jail breaking is officialy legal I have successfuly unlocked my iPad and use backgrounder to play pandora and surf the web without a hitch. I've noticed some audio related apps within the jailbroken community and was wandering iif anyone uses any of these?


  7. bigshot

    You're not a troll because you pointed out a problem. You're a troll because you called people who disagreed with you "dense" and didn't acknowledge when people suggested solutions to your problem. Hope this helps.
  8. uofmtiger
    As of today, I have never owned a Mac and I do not have to sync it every 30 days.  Yes, as a business executive pushing a product, it is his job to convince us to buy his product for the uses that he puts forward.  Doesn't mean you can't jailbreak, though.  Sony, on the other hand, completely removed the partition for Linux when they were threated with a jb on the PS3. 
    What purpose does a laptop or DAP have if an iPad does everything I need?  
    It may play Flac with a JB.  However, I have transcoded all of my Flac files to Apple Lossless (without deleting the Flac file).  That way I have a backup of lossless music if I need it (which I have needed). 
    I am not sure about the headphone output because I never use it.  Unlike most DAPs, it can send out a digital signal via the USB camera connector and when I have it in my bag, I use a uDac.  When I am at home, I can hook it up to my desktop DACs and amps.
    This is the only site I have seen that has the fading picture issue.  If you have to have Flash, then the iPad is not for you.  I knew I never went to Flash sites because I never ran across them with my iPhone.  With Netflix, Slingbox, Youtube, ABC, Orb and the stuff on the hard drive, I just don't need Flash.  That is not saying others don't, so they should definitely look into this before buying an iPad.
    I think the main point is that not everyone has the same needs.  Don't buy an iPad if you have to have Flash or don't want to transcode FLAC files.  No big deal.
  9. Skylab Contributor
    I also have never owned a Mac of any sort. You don't have to be an Apple person to enjoy using or benefit from an iPad.  I am a 100% Windows/PC person for computers.
  10. boomana
    I've had my ipad for a month now.  NPR, NPR music (definitely check out this free app!), Instapaper, Guardian EyeWitness, BBC, NYTimes, Plants vs. Zombies, Netflix, Epicurious, Words with Friends, Atomic browser, getting my Kindle books transferred over...Totally love it.  The only thing I wish for is to be able to have more than one app open at at time.
  11. Bombarde
    I think we're supposed to get iOS4 on the iPad in October. Then we'll have our multitasking.


    Instapaper is great. GoodReader is a great app for PDFs, as well.
  12. uofmtiger
    I went ahead and installed the new jb via jailbreakme.com. It installed without a problem. I then installed backgrounder and it runs apps in the background. It will hold me over until Apple updates the OS.
  13. HeadphoneAddict Contributor


    I forgot about backgrounder.  Will have to look into getting that.  I've got the Spirit jailbreak on my iPad 3G with OS 3.2, and use MyWi 4.0 as my only JB app right now.
  14. biomedengineer

    Did you finding jailbreaking the iPad result in a more sluggish system?
    I jailbroke my iPod touch 2nd Gen and it was very slow and haven't tried to jailbreak anything since then.  But if it works fine on the iPad, I might try it on mine.

  15. uofmtiger
    I just installed it last night, so I have not used it a lot since the jb.  However, I did not notice any sluggishness in how it ran with my limited use.  The jb via the website is extremely easy and fast.  I will just restore it to get rid of the jb if it starts to cause problems.   
    The main issue is that many Cydia apps have not been re-written for the iPad, so you have to be selective with what you install.  I mainly wanted backgrounder, so I am pretty happy that this has been reported to work.  I only tested it for a few minutes last night, running Rhapsody in the background while I surfed the web and it worked.  The main issue is that I do not have an app that manages the background applications at this time.  Therefore, I opened the backgrounder app and turned badges on.  This puts a badge in the corner of the programs that are running in the background.  To disable the background running on the app, I have to open it and hold down the home button, which disables the background running. 
    Disclaimer:  I have no idea whether the jb will break your iPad, so proceed at your own risk. :)
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