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Introducing Lotoo PAW Gold

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by audionewbi, Nov 30, 2014.
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  1. Jazzi

    Unfortunately, Lotoo doesn't have nearly the reputation it deserves -- at least in the US.  It's a great sounding DAP.
  2. audionewbi
    they are big in China and Japan but rest of the world they trust the word of mouth will bring them the right audiences. There is no point for them to advertise as it is not a main-stream product. Those of us who know what we want can easily find out about lotoo and how to purchase it.
    I do hope they come up with a new DAP by end of this year. Currently where I stand I am done with dap purchasing. There is nothing in the market which has got my interest. 
    I have the onkyo dpx1 for a kick-ass portable usb source, LPG for a true reference DAP, calyx M for the sound signature that I like and studio S6 as a truly portable DAP that last for hours. Nothing else I have tested has convinced me enough to break this habit. I do also own other DAPS that I did not mention simply because they are just not worth the mentioning in the current market.
    I have a particular bias towards calyx M but don't we all have our own biases towards a product we like?
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  3. warrior1975

    Thanks brother!! How do you like the tralucent IEMS with this beast? I'm already talking with someone regarding a purchase. I really like this. A lot. Plus, no stack. Love the weight of it in my hand. I'd prefer this for my nightly walks, feels perfect in my hand. I like a heavy dap.

    Jazzi Shame because this appears to be a magnificent device.

    audionewbi Yes we all do have a favorite device. Oddly enough I normally prefer a beautiful, modern looking dap, with a GUI, but I'm slowly becoming infatuated with the LPG display. It's beautiful in its own right.
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  4. Kiats

    It's my little pocket battleship, Warrior1975. The reason I picked it up almost a year ago if because it drives the Ref1 Too and 1p2 beautifully. Effortless and such transparency. The battery life is excellent too: 10 hours regardless of type of file played and it's built like a tank. Dropped it a few times in flights and not a ding. Didn't check the airplane cabin though... :wink:

    And yes, I tested it with the Plus5 and the 2.2. Excellent pairings. Though I use Low gain with the Plus5 and high gain with the Ref1Too and 2.2. :hugging:
  5. Kiats
    warrior1975 suffice it to say that the only DAP that competes with the LPG is the AK380Cu, insofar as preference for use with the Tralucent IEMs goes. :)
  6. alvinmate
    Anyone using the A6 easecase?...I decided to get one for myself based on member feedbacks.....I am told by many it's pretty good quality.... Just curious about the inner lining microfibre is the material good quality so it doesn't scratch?
  7. warrior1975

    Thanks Kiats!! I'm going to spend a lot of time with it over the weekend. I love the sound, just want to make sure I can live with the UI. I'm picky. But I really do love the look and feel of this device. There is a used one I'm seriously considering.
  8. Kiats

    Heheh! No worries,warrior1975. How I see the UI is this: very consistent with the look and feel of the LPG - serious musical tool for serious music lovers. :)
  9. heyfi
    Hey guys.

    I posted a few pages back about my LPG not sounding right. Today, i listened to it more and it started crackling. It stopped when i skipped to the next song so i did not mind it much. But i left it playing for a couple of hours and when i came back the screen wont turn on and the unit was warm. I listened to my iem and its emitting a buzzing sound. I tried charging it but still no luck. Its still buzzing upto now (probably til the battery runs out).

    Has anyone encountered this? Should i try to fix it or should i just claim warranty?
  10. Kiats

    Frankly, this is unusual behaviour for the LPG. Best to claim on the warranty.
  11. denis1976
    This little master piece don't stops amazing me, even with VE ZEN2.0 a 320 ohms earbud it has loads of power for it even with low gain ... its a very mature sound experience:thumbsup:
  12. alvinmate
    Hi Mate,

    Love your LPG case... I have ordered the same one different color....how's the quality of the leather and the inner microfiber material..... Just wanted to know the general quality....thanks

  13. dulty
    You sure got yourself a great selection buddy. I recently had a chance to try out the DP-X1 for a few days, mainly because I want the streaming capabilities. I was thinking if it got close to the SQ of the PG, I might use just the Onkyo and sell off the PG. Of course, it wasn't close enough SQ-wise to the PG, but the deal breaker for me was the 'noise' during playback with any 3rd party app including spotify and tidal. This noise is very easy to replicate, just turn down the volume to 1 and all you hear is this noise. Does your unit have the same issue? It was reported by many users on the onkyo thread too. 
    Absolutely. The PG is the most stable DAP I've ever owned (granted most of my former DAPs were Fiio, so not the most stable :p) and I've never experienced any hang ups or weird noises like you describe. Don't leave yourself in doubt, get an exchange. 
    Hi Alvin, I'm quite happy with the easecase. The interior is quite soft, will definitely not scratch the device.I'm also happy with the leather and build quality, I'm sure it's not up to dignis standards but it's quite good. I've been using it for a long time now and there's no sign of wear or any damage. The only negative that has been noticed by my friends (doesn't really bother me) is that it is a bit thick, making it a tiny bit harder to press the left and down side of the D-pad. I love the way that it leaves the front as open as possible. The dignis covers most of the device with leather, I love the look of the alu construction so prefer seeing it. 
  14. audionewbi
    Thanks, it took me long time to get here. I fortunately have no problems like that with Onkyo however my main problem is as a stand alone dap it sound is lacking the qualities I seek in sound. I will sound one of those guys by saying it sound digital to me, it is just not moving me at all. I knew what I was getting myself into, this is why I never took interest in it till I release how much of a kick ass source it is. Pairs flawlessly with all Dac I pair it with.
  15. dulty
    At the risk of sounding like a noob, I've yet to hear a 9018 equipped DAC/DAP that 'does it' for me. It must be a hard DAC to implement perfectly as simpler devices utilising it tend to sound harsh/digital, yet some of the best stuff around still use it.
    Whats your favourite IEM pairing with the PG?
    Moral of the story: I'll stick to my PG for the foreseeable future [​IMG].
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