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Introducing Lotoo PAW Gold

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by audionewbi, Nov 30, 2014.
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  1. audionewbi
    I have to say ever since calyx M I have faith in Sabre DAC, it is just the people who implement them seem to tune them differently. To me calyx M brought the best out of 9018. It is because of them I am looking into a new exciting product which is partially based on 9018, the WMP-D2. 
    With PG I enjoy using Kaede II however I do have other favourites but whenever I get asked about PG favourite pairing for some reason kaedee II always comes in my mind right away.
    Lately I am craving for better UI this is why I am still in this hobby, and it has nothing to do with me not wanting to admit I have an audio addiction. Sometimes when I think of all the money I spend on this hobby, that cold sweat almost sets on my forehead -_-
    Moral is enjoy the music, dont look into gears. I have been rocking Alien and PSB M4U4 for almost two weeks, I am liking it so much I dont really care for anything else to listen to currently. 
  2. dulty
    You always find the strangest stuff, I'd never heard of the WMP-D2, looks great though...
    Never heard the Kaeda (any of them) but the price just puts me off them for some reason. What is the signature like, can you compare to any well known IEMs, I own the K10 and Maverick, used to have Angie and Savant...
    I have no requests on UI, I can use anything. I used the X5 and X3, both Gen1, without any problems and if I was to compare the Onkyo or the ZX2 with the PG, I actually prefer the PG because it's so fast and so simple. 
    I've heard good things about the Shozy but wasn't impressed at all by the PSB, especially considering the price. Any thoughts on the AKT8ie? You seem to like single dynamic drivers :wink:
  3. audionewbi
    I promise I will answer tomorrow, i need to listen to the Kaede again, I to this day cannot figure out their signature. They are truly transparent, they produce good music when the music is good. 
    I better sleep now, its midnight here, will reply back tomorrow :)
  4. alvinmate
    Hi Thanks for your kind reply and after reading your experience I am confident that I have ordered the right case for my LPG. I kinda also like the design of the case!
    Also looking at your previous pics I can see you are using the pelican 1010 case which is like a snug fit for LPG. Is it difficult to take the player out of the case?
  5. dulty
    The LPG with easecase fits the peli 1010 very snugly (top to bottom), but since there is no delicate component getting pressure it seems perfectly safe. A gap remains when you close it (the case is higher than the player), so if you don't want it to move at all, you may need to put in layer of foam or something.
  6. alvinmate
    Hi All,
    Finally received the package today at work so haven't opened it as yet! Really excited.
    Also I have purchased the 64gb sandisk extreme pro SDHC card which should suffice for now.
    Quick one I have the card reader and is it ok if I use that to format my card and then transfer music files to it. Once completed then insert the card to the player or does it have to be formatted using the player.. Does it make any difference?
  7. heyfi

    Hey man, the recommendation from lotoo is to format using the player to get the best speed. Congrats on your new unit!
  8. alvinmate
    Thanks heyfi, I will format using the player.
  9. proedros
    can you lotoo users tell me if the trrs balanced in lotto is compatible to zx2 or ak daps ?

    thinking of buying a cable for my zx2 but the seller has been using it with his lotoo so not knowing if the zx2 balanced is the same order as the lotoo balanced [​IMG]

    any help would be appreciated
    thank you [​IMG]
  10. denis1976
    hello:) you have good reason to be excited , fantastic DAP
  11. twister6 Contributor
    PAW Gold has 3.5mm TRS, single ended, not balanced.
    proedros likes this.
  12. denis1976
    maybe is asking about the Paw 5000
  13. alvinmate

    Well finally had a chance to do few 'test run'  to make sure everything is in working order! Feels really good in hands.  Listened to Diana Krell Quiet Nights...simply amazing..clarity of the vocal, depth and soundstage ...best purchase after my Violectric V281 combo..[​IMG]
    Hope the pictures taken justifies the beauty of this player! Now just waiting for the case to arrive....
  14. proedros
    is paw 5000 ak-balanced type or zx2-balanced type ? [​IMG]
  15. denis1976
    the paw 5000 is 2.5mm trrs like the ak240 etc...
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