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Introducing CL2 Planar (Impressions Thread)

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  1. SciOC
    I guess I'll get to test this with my hiby r6 to see if you're right. If it's a damping issue it should be particularly apparent on sources with high output impedance. Usually the bass just gets bloated and boomy, but if you're right, the upper mids should be really noticeably shrill on my hiby as well.

    I might have to pull my fiio a5 from my sell pile until my shanling gets here....
  2. Kitechaser
    Last edited: Nov 3, 2018
  3. Kitechaser
    @RHA Team can you please address this issue. Would love to hear your input on this.
  4. RHA Team
    Yes and no - like many of you have mentioned, there is no objective truth re: perfect versus non-perfect sound; what some people find energetic and engaging, others might find harsh (others may find it not enough). Every company would like to claim they've made the perfect headphone for every ear, but that would assume that everyone is looking for exactly the same thing, which isn't how humans work.

    This, from our Head of Product, Kyle, should help clarify where we're coming from on the FR here in relation to the treble peak:
    "The peak is intentional. Basically, the planar driver has such clarity in the lower frequencies (bass to lower mid) that the upper midrange around 2-6kHz can sound a bit weak in comparison. We initially tried it without the peak, and it still sounded good, just a bit boring. The cymbals on a drum kit weren’t quite crashing through as much as we wanted. The driver is fully capable of a very full and exciting sound so we wanted to push it to its limits. It was very difficult though, because at that frequency, the tiniest bit too much can become harsh and fatiguing for the listener. For this reason, we didn’t let the hump roll out across to the treble frequencies, we brought it back in quite sharply. The result, I think, is all that clarity in the lower section, with a punchy midrange and an untarnished harmonic response."

    Also, I definitely agree re: mastering; testing the CL2 has 'ruined' a couple of recordings for me (I'm not going to name and shame).

    Hope some of that helps!
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  5. Kitechaser
    Thanks for clearing that up.
    Last edited: Nov 2, 2018
  6. Carlsan
    Got my pair today, have been using them most of the day. Noticed a very obvious sound change from when I first started using them. Forgot that they need 100 hours of burn in to sound their best, when I first put them on, they sounded .... veiled, to say the least. No longer the case. Quite impressed.
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  7. Duncan Moderator
    I just had a bit of an emotional moment on a train (much potential embarrassment), I think Hannah Reid from London Grammar has one of the most unique and distinct voices out there, got choked up listening to their albums... her voice sounds absolutely phenomenal on the CL2s!

    For those not in the know give this (live) and this (studio) a listen...

    For a top to bottom work out of the CL2, this is pretty much there - Really love this band!
    Last edited: Nov 3, 2018
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  8. AManAnd88Keys
    Since I have heard "Hey Now" in the Magico showroom at this years High-End in Munich, I always get back to it sooner or later. I was aware of London Grammar before, but not in an audiophile - i.e. sound quality - way and was astonished to hear how good their music sounds over serious audio setups. For my wife, it's one of her absolute favourites to play over our loudspeakers. Just a mesmerizing song.
    And it's also a blast on the CL2.
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  9. autosleeper
    I’m well up for getting a pair of these, shame no one seems to be stocking them here in Australia.
  10. SteveOliver
    It looks like she is having issues with her CIEM's perhaps she should get the CL2. :)
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  11. beaniebaesha
    In response to autosleeper, I cannot believe nobody in melbourne has even bothered to stock it that is crazy, does anybody have the hifiman re2000 and can they do a brief little comparison to the rha cl2 as rha cl2 is now lived up to its hype and proved to be the iem it was shaping up to be, thanks
  12. Napilopez
    Heya, I have the RE2000 silver alongside the CL2 for testing right now, have talked about it a few times in this thread.

    I keep going back and forth on which one I like more sound-wise. After getting the Symbios W's, I think they've converged a bit - still very different, but closer than before. At the very least, that should tell you they are in the same ballpark.

    As of right now, I think I prefer the frequency response on the Re2000 slightly. It's a bit more harman-like, I'd guess, with an extra bass kick and fantastic tuning that I think slightly more adept at handling any genre.

    It's warmer. It's far more forgiving of bad recordings. It has a larger soundstage (though the CL2 aren't at all small) and impact that makes them sound "bigger" and more speaker-like than any IEM I've tried, though my experience with other TOTL IEMs is pretty limited.

    The CL2, on the other hand, have more linear, textured bass, more detailed treble, and just feel noticeably faster overall. There are tracks where some some details are slightly lost or "smoothed out" with the RE2000 that the CL2's present as clearly as day. The RE2000 is more forgiving, but that's partly because I simply don't think it's capable of pulling out the same amount of detail from a recording.

    I think the CL2's handle cymbals particularly well - I'm often amazed by how clearly I can hear the individual bounces, instead of just the usual treble "splash".

    This speed also makes instrument separation rather fantastic. I don't have too much experience with BA-only IEMs, but the CL2 beat any of the dynamics and hybrids I've tried in this front. Full sized headphones for that matter too.

    To use a cliche, the RE2000 are slightly more "musical," - whatever that means - and the CL2 more analytical.

    It's also worth noting the RE2000 isn't affected nearly as much by tip selection as the CL2 to my ears. Makes sense, giving the former are vented.

    So don't get me wrong, I really like the RE2000, and I do think it's better in some respects. But as an overall package - fit, isolation, comfort, accessories, price considered as well - the CL2s are the clear victor.
    Last edited: Nov 3, 2018
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  13. beaniebaesha
    could you also kindly tell me more between the two iems with imaging, clarity , harshness and midrange because midrange and bass are the most important to me , I really enjoy a wide assortment of music mostly rnb, soul, jazz, acoustic, hippop and trippop so I need something with a little bass and clear midrange, so for the genre of music I have stated which would you kindly state which works better, thank-you
  14. Napilopez
    Off the top of my head

    Imaging: Tie. RE2000 wider soundstage, CL2 better instrument separation.
    Clarity: CL2 wins
    Harshness: RE2000 is definitely less likely to be harsh
    Midrange: rather different both very good. RE2000 sounds warmer, more intimate. CL2 a bit drier, but more detailed
    Bass: again, both very good. RE2000 has a bit more of a midbass bump that lends music some energy, but the CL2 have that linear extension that sounds so clean and textured, while having plenty of boom and maybe a tad more sub-bass rumble themselves

    For genres, I personally think it's too subjective as to what you are looking for from specific genres. Basically a tie overall, with the CL2 slightly better for jazz and acoustic, and the RE2000 slightly better for hip hop and trippop. Both handle these genres with aplomb.

    You can't go wrong with either.
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  15. beaniebaesha
    Last question which one do you prefer if you had a choice between the two, I know its a tough question, did you also change the cables for either iem and what sources were you using to listen to them, because if I buy either I will want to upgrade my whole set up if cables or source make a huge difference , my current set I use the dragonfly red and I have fiio dac my friend has it at the moment , thank-you so much napilopez for answering
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