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IMR RAH - Discussion / Impressions Thread

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  1. Sito Lupion


    The RAH is a tour de force in-ear monitor incorporating the IMR Aten driver and a Planar magnetic driver to create a triple hybrid that combines a beryllium composite dynamic, piezo electric transducer and a Planar magnetic driver.


    The Aten wide band high resolution ceramic hybrid composite driver combined with the Planar gives you all the high performance sound of the R2 Aten combined with ultra high resolution Planar technology for the ultimate detail retrieval.

    The new hybrid arrangement offers a massive soundstage, ultimate macro and micro detail retrieval along with precise instrument placement and with a FR from 8-50000Hz.


    The RAH is the first IMR product that can be worn down as well as over the ear.

    The RAH includes exquisite single crystal oxygen free copper braided cable's.

    Fully customisable via the all new interchangeable acoustics nozzles and dampers to give you a multitude of settings for your perfect sound signature. These acoustic nozzles allow you to alter every aspect of the sound from the treble, midrange and bass. These new filter are exclusive to the Rah and offer an even broader spectrum of tuning options.



    Triple hybrid driver configuration consisting of bespoke 15mm Aten driver featuring uprated Neodymium motors with beryllium composite diaphragm + high resolution Piezo ceramic driver + 10mm Planar magnetic driver

    8 acoustic audio nozzles + 6 acoustic dampers

    2 Pin detachable cable (3.5mm and 2.5mm balanced)

    Impedance: 32 Ohm

    Sensitivity: 103 +/- 3DB

    Frequency response: 8- 50000Hz

    24ct Gold plated 3.5mm Jack

    1.4M length OFC cable

    Semi hard carry Case

    6.5mm Adapter

    Hard pocket case

    Huge selection of ear tips for the perfect fit

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  2. Sito Lupion
    I have high hopes for this IMR product, the addictive bass and micro detail of the planar can be epic !!
  3. kdphan
    almost 100% funded!
    Can't wait!
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  4. Merkurio

    What I expect the most is precisely the excellent bass response and huge open feeling of the Zeniths with better micro detail and tonal balance.

    Really excited for these, we'll see.
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  5. Sito Lupion
    also the issue of comfort can be very good here., we must not forget that it will be the first IMR product that does not necessarily have to go over the ear... it can be placed in the traditional way.
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  6. davescleveland
    Rah rah ooh la la

    I wear my zenith and my r2 down.
  7. Immortal
    "here we go again"

    Still trying to learn a lot from my R2, so there's no rush this time.
    I just hope that the new filter holder and the new case will be way more handy than the current ones.
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  8. EWASS
    Actually there is a rush if you did wish to purchase the Rah. You have until Monday then no more Rah for you.
  9. Jawis
    Great! Finally a place for anxiety support therapy while waiting for my Rah!
  10. mochill
    Must hear impression
  11. Jawis
    I know iem planar works. I'm very happy with my Zenith's DD and piezo and I'm hearing good things about the 15mm DD on the Aten. I'm aiming for a too good to be true result.
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  12. SciOC
    IEM planar does work, but as a hybrid I've only really seen it with a BA and that wasn't great. The r1 and r2 are fairly typical designs, this is a brand new design that has several design issues to overcome and at best people should wait until some reviewers have it. You can't just slap these three in an enclosure and call it a day. But you're not being given a choice. At best you're guinea pigs to what might turn out to be a failed experiment. I'm not saying it's an outright scam (which is itself still possible given Trinity) but the circumstances are questionable given history and the brand new concept.

    This isn't trolling, if you think there claims of Trinity are unsubstantiated do your own research. They're most definitely not in my opinion.. Many have had good experiences with IMR

    I'm just saying that this deserves some thought before jumping on board and people should be aware of the history and not jump in without looking into the situation.
  13. Sito Lupion
    My experience with IMR cannot be more positive.
    Good products, good price and excellent customer service.
    3 iems launched successfully and now comes the Rah ... I have no reason to distrust.
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  14. SciOC
    The more I read the more questions I have.... This is a real big leap of faith....

    What type of crossover is used, if any?
    How did they make the planar driver so sensitive to be 32 ohms at 103db/mw?
    It's this a completely open design (damping on a planar IEM is hard)?
    What exactly are the duties/FR of the drivers?
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  15. warriorpoet
    All really good questions to ask! I asked a few of them myself. :)
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