Improving my audio configuration
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If more than 35% of your listening time is to electronic music, go with the DT990. If you listen to less electronic music than that, then go with the K550; it will suit more genres.
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You can improve the sound quality of Spotify by using Fidelify so that you can use ASIO output to your DAC.
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Thank you all, Fidelify seems to be great, I should prefer ASIO or WASAPI ?
I still don't know if I prefer V or some more natural signature, but I may go for the AKG since my head is a bit larger than the standard size and so the AKG should be more comfortable for me.
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ASIO sounds better than both the default (DirectSound/Windows sound mixer) and WASAPI to me. I've read that ASIO is in fact superior to WASAPI because it completely bypasses the Windows Kernel Mixer.
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I've been using it a whole lot and its really not all that buggy. If its failing to launch that usually means its already running and is stalled. Do Ctrl-Alt-Del and then click on Start Task Manager and look for Fidelify.exe in the Processes tab. Right-click on it and choose End Process. Then launch it again.
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I deleted the Fidelity directory at the root of the hard drive and it starts again.
Features like local storage are missing but the sound seems to be quite better, thanks for the input.
For the headphone I am thinking about getting an in-ear headphone instead of a over-ears headphone, atm I have an AKG K318 but its rendering is a way below my HD668b and I guess that in-ear headphones are generally a way lower than over-ear ones, am I wrong ?
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Back to my thread : I had the occasion today to listen several headphones with my smartphone :
- AKG K550 and 551: I do not like this sound, no bass, doesn't clamp enough my head
- Sennheiser Momentum and HD25 : I liked them both about the sound but I am looking for that same type of sound with a circum but not an overhears mobile headphone
- Won't talk about all the monster beats and others that I didn't like at all
At the moment I am considering the SoundMagic HP100, looks like this is the same type of sound than the HD650 (I didn't try it but I do like the Sennheiser sound so far). I also need to try the DT 990 pro. Any other options for that type of sound and price I should consider ?
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Had the occasion the last weekend to try a HD600 and a DT880 Edition, didn't notice much difference these 2 headphones, the DT880 was a bit more precise to me and if I had to choose between both I would go for the DT880. I was surprised to not find that many difference between both, I just found that the HD600 lacked a bit on highs or trebles (can't remember exactly which).
I keep reading & testing to get a better idea...
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I started to test and compare a bit the spotify max quality sound with some other lossy formats, realized they are not that well compressed and so bought some flac files.
With foolbar and its wasapi plugin my new headphone is sounding a way better, starts to rock !
I also wonder why I got less tired with my 770 than with my hd668b.

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