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imaging: Hifiman orthos versus K1000

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by mike1127, Sep 2, 2012.
  1. mike1127
    I used to own a K1000 and I remember that it had superb "outside the head" imaging. I sold it a while back. I just picked up a Hifiman HE-500 and I'm impressed with the imaging, and it does get "outside the head" and feel "open" almost to the degree the K1000 did, but it's been a while since I heard the K1000. Does anyone here own both a Hifiman ortho and the K1000 and have any immediate impressions of the imaging of each?
  2. sphinxvc
    Well, I owned a K1K weeks ago, and also own an HE-6, and I wouldn't say the K1K had great imaging, but it did have a large, out of head soundstage.
  3. robm321
    Bump - interested in how the HE-6 and K-1000 compare
  4. Elysian
    I don't really find the K1000 and HE6 that comparable.  The HE6s remind me a lot of Maggies, which the K1000s don't.
  5. mrarroyo Contributor
    Had the HE6 on loan and have had the HE500 for a while as well as two K1000. As much as I like the HE500 the K1000 is IMO a whole different beast and the one I prefer. Granted we all hear differently and our music, sac, amp, etc can steer us into different directions. Just try it and decide which is better for you.
  6. robm321

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