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I'm ordering the Woo WA22 tomorrow. Should I get tube upgrade all or partial, wait, or get something else.

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by icenine2, Nov 8, 2010.
  1. Icenine2
    I'm ordering the Woo WA22 tomorrow.  Should I get the tube upgrade available through Jack: Power tubes upgrade: Sylvania 7236 NOS 1963 Driver tubes upgrade: Hand-pick matched pair Shuguang Treasure CV181-Z / 6SN7GT 

    Rectifier tube replacement:  Sophia Princess Mesh Plate 274B rectifier.  Which of these is most key? 


    The Drivers are expensive $280.


    Or should I get the stock tubes, listen and wait?


    Or I'm sure the tube-rolling crowd has many suggestions.





  2. jc9394
    Get the EML 5U4G instead of Sophia.  I do like the Treasures, but for $320, I recommend to up it a bit to get the TS BGRP for around $400 on fleabay. 
  3. Icenine2
    Jack has the Treasures for $280/pair.  Should I get EML from Jack or someone else?
    BTW:  How long have you had the PWD and did you ever compare it to the Ayre QB-9?
  4. jc9394
    I have my PWD for around 6 months and did not compare it to Ayre.  Check fleabay for the Treasure, I think I got mines just under $200 for the premium pair.  You can get a non premium match pair for around $150 shipped.
  5. Icenine2
    I see the Treasure on eBay.  Are all these the real deal?  I know Nordost had huge problems w/China copies.  I also know that for the Japanese mini lp's available there are problems w/Chinese copies as well.
  6. fatcat28037 Contributor
    I'd suggest you hold off on tube replacement. It's a beautiful sounding amp with the stock tubes and remember tube rolling doesn't necessarily make it better, just different.
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  7. jc9394


    I got my Treasure from this guy.
  8. Icenine2
    Thanks J.  Great prices.  I'm a go here.
  9. Icenine2
    What is the difference between the regular and premium for the Treasures?
    Should I buy the EML from Jack or someone else?  Last how about the power tubes?  Get the NOS Sylvania's?
  10. jc9394
    From Grant Fidelity...
    "Premium vs. Standard; Grade A vs. Grade B

    All Treasure tubes from Grant Fidelity is of Premium Grade export quality from Shuguang and they are superior to those sold out of China or Hong Kong - which are intended for Chinese market and are commonly referred as Standard Grade. Standard Grade treasure tubes have much wider variance in specifications and could deviate from the tube's designed specs by up to 40%. If you are looking for first class quality tubes and want protect your investment, we strongly recommend you to buy 'Premium Grade' only. The Treasure Premium Grade tubes imported by Grant Fidelity are further divided to Premium Grade A (perfect matching on every aspect and strong emission) and Premium Grade B (less than perfect matching in certain aspects such as plate current, transconductance or minor internal gas, slightly less emission. However we guarantee that none of these minor weakness will interfere with the tube's normal operation and pose no safety hazards to your amp. Grade A tubes are sold with a price premium over that for Grade B. Even if you purchase 'Premium Grade B' tubes from Grant Fidelity, you are getting better tubes than the Chinese 'Standard Grade' sold over eBay type of places. Buyer beware."


    Get the EML from Jack, the price difference is not that much.  As far as power tubes, if you want the best, get the GEC 6AS7G (incredible hard to find and expensive) or the GEC 6080 (slightly less incredible hard to find and reasonable price)

  11. TheAudioDude
    I'd probably only buy the 5U4G mesh from Jack, unless you can get it cheaper from George over at TubesUSA.
    I'd hold off on getting expensive tubes until you can find some good deals on eBay.  Remember that you're paying a premium for the upgraded tubes, and half the fun of having a tube amp is rolling in new tubes.  I love my 6F8Gs so I'm glad I didn't upgrade to the Shuguangs, and my GEC 6080s are the best power tubes I've tried yet.
  12. Olias of Sunhillow
    Do you plan to actively tube-roll or not?
    If the answer is no, I'd just get the premium upgrade and be done with it.
    If the answer is yes, I'd personally just order the premium rectifier and wait for the rest. Why just the rectifier? I'm of the opinion that three sets of tubes is too much to roll on a new amp -- it's too hard to really evaluate changes from tube to tube when you have that many variables. Get the rectifier to establish a baseline for the amp's sound -- and get it from Jack because his prices are right in line with other outlets. Then go from there as time and budget permits.
    BTW, I believe Jack will be out of EML 5U4Gs for a few more weeks... I think I got the last one.  :)
  13. Icenine2
    Olias of Sunhillow!  I loved that album.
    Thx for the tube info.
  14. dminches
    Jc9394, do you know if the eBay seller's tubes are grade A or B? His ad doesn't mention that.
  15. jc9394
    That is the premium pair (grade A), you can tell by the box. The grade B comes in two separate boxes, just like regular tubes. I had grade B pair and sell it with my WA6, brought the grade A for WA22 and from memory, I can't tell the difference between them. YMMV

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