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iFi audio xDSD- The Official Thread

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  1. seanwee
    monsieurfromag3 likes this.
  2. seanwee
    The Q5 and X7ii were using the same amp module?

    I'll be demoing quite a few dac/Amps later so I can do an A/B between the Q5 and X7ii. Need to see if both really sound the same if using the same module.
  3. Mimouille
    Fixed that for you
  4. Fawzay
    yea same amp module AM3a
  5. jeffhawke
    Thanks pal, I guess I didn't know you well enough :ksc75smile:
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  6. Mimouille
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  7. jeffhawke
    Pleased to meet you,
    Hope you guess my name
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  8. captblaze

    old cans... meet your new life
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  9. seanwee
    What DAP is that?
  10. captblaze
    AK300 (never sounded better)
  11. seanwee
    But isn't that the sound of the xDSD you're hearing? The AK300 is just functioning as a transport right?
  12. seanwee
    How is the sound of the xDSD compared to the nano idsd black label? I tried it just now and it was good but wasn't too impressive.
  13. captblaze
    yes it is a transport (optical out), but my sound reference was a bit of sarcasm
  14. captblaze
    this is my only I Fi product, so I have no way to compare. I am realizing that the source and what HP / IEM you pair it with makes all the difference in how it sounds.
  15. iFi audio
    Looks legit if you ask us!
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