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iFi audio xDSD- The Official Thread

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  1. dcime
    I wish you the best success in your search.
    Last edited: Sep 2, 2019
  2. koinmove
    Err.... Sorry for the way u replied.. i do know how to operate it...

    I'm looking for all rounded perfomance portable ampdac.
    I do waiting for fiio btr5 but i no hope for fiio sound tuning.

    Anyway.. i just hope to hear some news that xdsd will upgrade the Bluetooth module...

    Thanks for all the reply.

    Btw xdsd'd balanced do sound nice. since your are an audiophile hope you do fully utilize it :)
    Last edited: Sep 1, 2019
  3. Devodonaldson
    It's not the same. With any Android device unless specifically stated, all audio is redampled to either 16/96 or 24/96. Not sure which one. Audio is first run through the Android audio stack for processing before being sent to you DAC. UAPP bypasses any Android processing and sends the audio straight to the DAC to be processed there. I here a difference in my tracks, which is why I either use UAPP with Android, or use an iOS device as a Tidal music player. If you don't hear the difference, better for you. It's easily noticeable to me and I don't like using the tidal app on Android unless I'm doing Bluetooth, cuz then it's all the same for the most part
  4. dcime
    So when I see Master streaming, unless otherwise noted, my Note 9 Android 9 resamples the track before otg handoff to xDSD? There is no other app to send otg directly to DAC and bypass Android other than UAPP? Or is there?
  5. dcime
    We have very similar gear. Apple cant do no matter what however.
  6. Bansaku
    I may be wrong, but from reading around I believe that Android OS only resamples if the source file differs from the device's capabilities.
    dcime likes this.
  7. dcime
    Which makes perfect sense based on the Note 9's high audio specs without using any external DAC whatsoever.
  8. Devodonaldson
    Nope. I've been running Android devices since 2007. It's part of the way Linux works with Audio, which is what Android is based off of. If you were rooted and ran terminal emulator you could see that when you play your music, it is indeed being resamoled by the Android audio stack. iOS was made more with music in mind and works as a good transport for streaming services. BTW, I don't like Apple products in general, but I love my music. When Apple announced MQA via Tidal, I bought a used iPhone to use as a transport because I knew it would bypass the audio straight to the DAC to be used properly. Otherwise, I'm Android all day.
    dcime likes this.
  9. dcime
    I think you are a little off. Apple has always put audio quality last. They dont care. They killed the headphone jack specifically so the end user would have to buy $169 bt airpods (junk). Apple did not and has not invested in MQA only perhaps barely. They only care about lining their own pockets with pushing Apple owned devices and accessories. Android, on the other hand, has always been open source (developer mode) and such. Android increased the availability of audio options way more than Apple. It's a fact.
    In regards to the DAC by iFI, different firmware denotes different playback settings and bandwith. It's in the owners literature. IFI actually mentions that 5.30 is for MQA, 5.20 is for 768 pcm.
    I do agree that direct to DAC via UAPP can be MQA essential. It can also be made available on any Windows machine simply by using the Tidal desktop app. The proof is in the LED section on the DAC. The LED changes based on what your source material is. You surely know that. So being an engineer and working with Linux is great and all. The newer Android phones and newer Android versions accomplish much, much more than previous generations. Apple is known to be on lock down, all the time. Android is known for developers and open source software. Thus, the iFI xDSD can circumvent channels with Android to go direct to source output by developers software. Apple relies heavily and mainly only on (pocket lining) iTunes dedicated music app.
  10. Devodonaldson
    I used to feel the same way about Apple. Don't like the operating system. However, makes a great audio transport due to bit-perfect output via lightning cable.
    dcime likes this.
  11. dcime
    So that explains why iFI never produced an OTG to Lightning. Seriously Android provides so much more customization. Who cares about iOS transport. Even most of the DAP's run a version of Android. FIIO, Hiby, Pioneer and Astell just to name a few.
  12. Bansaku
    Come on man, this post is just plain sad. As someone who has used and owned PCs and Macs for 40 years, and Android and iOS since their inception, you are ignorant in your assertions, and sound like a typical fanboy more than anything. Bad form eh!
  13. dcime
    My history is the same maybe 50 years. Not sad, true. You are affected by my opinion? This is a FORUM. A place to discuss products and voice an opinion. If you dont like it I suggest you move to a different thread. Thank you
  14. Devodonaldson
    Dude, I love Android for everything other than pure audio quality. The reason companies make Android based DAPs is because Android is an open source operating system. IOS is closed off to everyone outside of Apple. As I've stated, I don't like the operating system. There are now several Android based DAPs that are now bypassing Android sample rate conversion and getting bit perfect audio to the included DACs. Hiby r6, ibasso dx220 are two of the main ones. However, I don't believe these devices output bit-perfect to USB devices say a external DAC. If I was gonna get a DAP, it would probably be a dx220, but I like to use external DAC/AMPs. I'm a Tidal music listened and I want my MQA or 24/96 at the very least being sent to my Mojo or XDSD.
    dcime and Womaz like this.
  15. dcime
    Thank you. I would kindly like to back off and step aside. It is in my humble opinion that I can continue to learn from people like you. Your feedback and knowledge surpasses mine and I am aware of that. It would be a wonderful thing if we all could learn and grow together. This is an ever changing world and we all can benefit from eascothers honest input. That I am sure of.
    Last edited: Sep 2, 2019
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