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Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by clieos, Sep 27, 2013.
  1. iFi audio
    In such cases more nfo about your setup is needed. Please feel free to use out Support Ticket Platform, to be found here:


    ...and let us know all details there. We're positive that we'd be able to help. Thanks!
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  2. Textfeud
    Done, thanks.
  3. tantalus007
    Will the ifi Nano BL be powerful enough to give sufficient volumes to a AKG 7xx/712 Pro or a Beyerdynamic dt880/990 Premium 600ohm headphones?
  4. iFi audio
    Given reasonably full batteries or USB power, the iDSD nano Black Label will allow undistorted peak SPL of 111dB - 112dB for the AKG712 and undistorted peak SPL of 106 - 108dB for the 600 ohm DT880, based on extrapolating Innerfidelity tests.

    This translates to SPL sufficient to meet THX specifications.
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  5. Robert777
    Does anyone know if the Nano BL is going to have a coaxial input or if it will just be USB B like the current Nano?

    Thank you.
  6. boblauer
    IFI will need to confirm on the optical but usb input has switched to type A I believe.
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  7. Robert777
    Thank you. I just saw the picture with USB A and was about to update.

    Thank you for your speedy response.

    Why is it so difficult to find USB C or micro B to male OTG cables.

    I know ifi could not include every possible cable but some attempt would be nice.
  8. h1f1add1cted
    The iFi nano iDSD BL has type A OTG male input with iFi iPurifier technolgy built-in (like the micro iDSD). The nano iDSD has no optical or coax input. All other techical details can be found already here: http://ifi-audio-jp.blogspot.de/

    For summary:
    • Input (back): USB 2.0 Type A "OTG" male
    • Output (rear): 3.5 mm stereo mini fixed level line out,
    • Digital filter: 2 types
    • Output (Front): 3.5 mm stereo mini x 2 (direct output, iEMatch® loaded output)
    • DAC: Bit-Perfect DSD / DXD conversion, digital filter switchable PCM conversion, Burr Brown DSD, DXD, PCM DAC compatible with MQA
    • Clock: Low jitter crystal clock
    • Supported format: DSD 256/128/64 / 12.4 / 11.2 / 6.2 / 5.6 / 3.1 / 2.8 MHz
    • DXD 384 / 352.8 kHz
    • PCM 384 / 352.8 / 192 / 176.4 / 96 / 88.2 / 48 / 44.1 kHz
    • MQA
    • PCM: Listen (minimum phase filter with transient characteristics optimized)
    • Measure (filter with optimized frequency characteristics)
    • DSD: Listen (wideband filter with transient characteristics optimized)
    • Measure (filter suppressing out-of-band noise)
    • DXD: Bit-Perfect conversion
    • MQA: MQA filter
    • Headphone amplifier: Dual mono 2 x 285 mW No coupling coupling direct drive
    • Volume control: Analog 2 circuit - Potentiometer with power switch function, Tracking error 2 dB or less
    • (40 dB - 0 dB Attenuation)
    • Headphone connection: 3.5 mm TRRS balanced with single end compatibility
    • Dynamic range (line output): 109 dB (A) or more
    • THD + N (0 dBFS line output): 0.004% or less
    • Output voltage (direct out): 3.5 V (600 Ω loading) or more
    • 2.9 V (at 30 Ω load) or more
    • 1.7 V (at 15 Ω load) or more
    • Output voltage (line output): 2.15 V (± 0.05 V)
    • Output impedance: 1 Ω or less (direct out) 4 Ω or less (iEMatch) 240 Ω or less (line output)
    • Channel separation: 99 dB (1 kHz) or more
    • Jitter: Below measurement limit
    • Size: 96 (depth) x 64 (width) x 25.5 (height) mm
    • Weight: 139 g

    I will order my nano iDSD BL at 3rd of November (offical release date). Can't wait to get this little baby.
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  9. TVeye
    Is there the same magnitude of parts upgrade as the idsd micro bl vs standard (oscon caps,better op-amps,better clock,etc)?
    Not a lot of details about this in contrary to idsd micro.
  10. h1f1add1cted
    For this we need to wait a few days until iFi publish for puplic the real product page ( https://ifi-audio.com/portfolio-view/nano-idsd-bl/ ) with the remaining details related to the parts, I'm sure it will be a completely different level, especially at amplifier section and for MQA support at dac section too.
  11. iFi audio
    We'll reveal this nfo shortly.
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  12. TVeye
    So much impatient to know more about this new dac/amp...
  13. h1f1add1cted
  14. iFi audio
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  15. Kane Williams
    Any trade in deals for owners of iFi Nano iDSD?

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