iFi Audio nano iDSD Black Label (TOUR details - PAGE 12 / TOUR participants - page 26 post #386)

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  1. aoitenshi6509
    ah okay *thumbs up
    just light different after all :wink:

    thank you for your answer
  2. Dobrescu George
    iDSD Nano BL is more of a direct competitor to Mojo, iDSD Micro BL is already more of a Hugo2 competitor than Mojo...
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  3. Rick T.
    The Mojo has better HF separation and air, if memory serves that’s what stood out.. But what I Iike about the Nano iDSD BL is nothing is overly etched in detail or tonally washed out considering its price point..
  4. technobear
    At how many hours? These devices take a good long while - 200 hours minimum - to get to their full performance.
  5. vo_obgyn
    Anyone tried to play the iFi Audio nano iDSD BL behind a Sonore microRendu? I tried to connect my iFi Audio nano iDSD BL to my Sonore microRendu but the nano didn't output to my cans.
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  6. Rick T.

    I’ve listened to both at a local dealer’s for a number of hours.. Both dacs are demo units that have >250 hours on them. I asked the dealer about it, and I’ll just have to take his word for it.. I got my Nano iDSD BL brand new of course.. And yes, even warm up (not just break in) time makes a big difference. The clocks, etc., need to stabilize for better performance.

    Happy new year to all!
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  7. Dobrescu George

    I actually fell in love with iDSD BL Micro for both its bass and treble, which is what Mojo didn't have good enough for me. I felt that Mojo is quite good in bass and mids, but the treble lacked some sparkle for me...
  8. aoitenshi6509
    are you using the latest firmware? 5.3C R2?

    that firmware caused lagging on the unit ...
    my remedy was :
    1. turn the volume knob to off position, then turn it on
    2. play the next song

    if it still fail, try to disconnect the usb cable from the unit and reconnect it again

    or if it happen to your smartphones too, downgrade the firmware back to 5.2 and wait for more stable firmware :wink:

    hope that helps
  9. vo_obgyn

    Thanks for the help. Yes, my firmware is 5.3C R2. Looks like a firmware issue. Still happens when I try the remedy that you recommended.

    I hope the firmware issue is resolved soon. I don't really want to remove the optimisations (LED light changes) by going back to 5.2. My Chord Mojo works without an issue with the Sonore MicroRendu.
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  10. SteveOliver
    Try reconnecting a few times, switching the Nano off and on in between. With my Shanling M1 I have to do this sometimes.
  11. Carabasda
    Same here with a Samsung S7 edge and latest firmware. On Thursday I will go back to first firmware until one new is released. I am not using MQA right now.
    Sometimes I don't get sound but the song is playing and have to reconnect and/or switch off to get it working. I don't remember it happening with the original firmware.
    Last edited: Dec 31, 2017
  12. SteveOliver
    I'm sure it did, the "no sound bug" was something I hoped would get fixed in later F/W. Its a minor annoyance that I can live with.
  13. Rick T.


    I’d like to make it clear in my personal assessment a few days ago above, that that is the ONLY thing the Mojo excelled at Vs the Nano iDSD BL.. And the gulf between the two in that area isn’t that large at all (HF “air”.. ), and can actually boil down to subjective taste. In fact, in every other area the Nano iDSD BL outperformed it. That’s why I bought it. There’s more meat on them bones with the music..
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  14. TimeSnow
    This just showed up here in Ireland. I'll start doing some proper listening tomorrow..
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  15. jerick70
    Just received the Western US Nano iDSD BL. I'm excited to start my week of listening!!!
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