iFi Audio nano iDSD Black Label (TOUR details - PAGE 12 / TOUR participants - page 26 post #386)

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  1. iFi audio
    That's good to know. Feel free to let us know in detail what are your impressions once your HD6XX arrives.
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  2. Brooko Contributor
    any plans to do a micro iOne? For me would complete my desktop requirements (I love my iDSD).
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  3. iFi audio
    When (...and if) it happens, the HF community will be the very first one to know.
  4. Dobrescu George
    That sounds really good.

    I just got myself a Galaxy TAB A 2016 10.1" and now I have APT-X, so I can fully work with an external DAC/AMP unit. Before this, I didn't have a device with APT-X that required it :darthsmile:
  5. coklatua
    Is this nano BL have the same power option like the micro BL?
    I mean the Micro BL can use two power options that is Battery or Usb powered.
    It is the same for the Nano?
  6. Dobrescu George
    Yes, I think it should be the same...

    I received Nano today!

    A few thoughts...

    Much smaller and portable than I was expecting.



    Feet are attached on it ex-factory

    Volume whjeel feels really solid

    Jacks all feel really solid

    Clicky buttons

    Case feels very resistant to wear

    So far, I'm in love. Can't wait to listen to it! Charging for now .
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  7. iFi audio
    In this regard both BLs are similar.
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  8. coklatua
    So, if using the USB power, does the USB charge the battery?
  9. iFi audio
    Yes, it does.
  10. Carabasda
    I get very low volume with Spotify in my android S7 edge. USB Audio Pro is fine.
    Any tips to get it working?

  11. betula
  12. iFi audio
    You probably have the Android System volume turned way down. Turn it up and all should be ok.
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  13. fuzzychaos
    Sure wish I would have been able to be on the tour. Any plans for another?
  14. Carabasda
    Thanks, now it works!
    I don't know why, but turning up Multimedia volume didn't do anything yesterday, but today it is working and the sound is really good.
    If only Spotify had lossless streaming like Tidal.
  15. iFi audio
    Folks, just a quick announcement regarding nano iDSD BL tour.

    In short, everything is in order, units roam among tour participants and feedback is gathered. But above all else, we'd like to sincerely thank to all users involved!
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