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iFi audio iPower - universal Ultra-Low Noise AC/DC adapter

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  1. h1f1add1cted
    I found a new product from iFi audio, the iPower: http://ifi-audio.com/portfolio-view/accessory-ipower/
    Input: 100-240VAC
    Output: 5V/2.1A; 9V/1.5A; 12V/1.1A
    Output plug: 3.5×1.35mm; 4.0×1.7mm; 5.5×2.1mm; 5.5×2.5mm
    Noise*: ~1uV
    Size: 82x43x40 mm
    Weight: 155g (with cable)
    * Average audio band noise floor
    I've I read right it will be properly cost $50 and will release in the next month.
    My question is will this come with USB BC (Battery Charging Standard Rev. 1.2) port and I havn't seen a USB adaptor for USB in general, or is this only for DC inputs?
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  2. ClieOS Contributor
    Since it comes with barrel plugs, as listed in spec, it definitely doesn't have a USB port nor is it an USB adapter.
  3. h1f1add1cted
    Ok thanks. Do you know if there is any low noise USB charger with BC standard anywhere?
  4. alamakazam
    $50? thats cheap....
  5. ClieOS Contributor
    Don't know any specific model, but I'll think any self-powered USB hub that support BC1.2 and has a 5V wall adapter can probably take the iPower, which should give it very low noise.
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  6. h1f1add1cted
    Thanks again, that make sense, good tip.
  7. seeteeyou
    1,390 Koruna here
    We could use something like this for Raspberry Pi etc.
  8. balderon Contributor
    Subscribed. Any news about an official launch date?
  9. JWahl
    Looks interesting.  My only small concern would be over current protection.  Many non-technical users may not be aware to check the amount of current their device requires.  If current draw exceeds the iPower's capabilities it could be a fire hazard.  Though I'm sure safety regulations would require it to be fused or something of the sort.  Still, if it's fused, i'd assume it's not replaceable, so users should be aware of their devices current draw anyways.
    I just pulled the trigger on the iDSD Micro today, and will probably get a iUSB power in the future, so these might be a nice tweak, if not overkill.
  10. alec66
    seems available on some european online shops....
  11. seeteeyou
    New video
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  12. gr8soundz
    Thanks for posting the video.
    I wonder if iFi plans to package the iPower with their other equipment like the iUSB and iTube?
  13. JoeyGS
    Has anyone tried the iPower?
  14. grizzlybeast
    Is this out yet?
  15. seeteeyou
    9V version should be available, 5V and 12V ones should follow suit
    Another fellow from Colorado already got the 9V version for powering his UpTone Audio ReGen
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