iFi audio EarBuddy

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  1. csglinux
    I presume the double negative means you're going to pm me the detailed internal spec sheet? :wink:
  2. iFi audio
    Nope :ksc75smile:

    Point being, we shed some light on the circuitry of specific products and EarBuddy isn't one of them. Nice try, though!

    Just have a listen to EarBuddy!
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  3. Oscar-HiFi
    But in long it means using a 3.5mm to 2.5mm balanced adaptor, which adds another adaptor to the chain... An earbuddy with 2.5mm balanced on each end would be very popular :D
  4. Roscoeiii
    Just buy the IEMmatch. I really can't imagine that the market for balanced justifies the effort for ifi. Maybe I'm wrong. But we're already talking about a very low priced niche product.
  5. iFi audio
    Yes, we are.

    Of course we always explore our posibilities and move accordingly, One never knows what the future holds.
  6. Oscar-HiFi
    Earbuddy is awesome when using it with amps that hiss with sensitive IEM's/earbuds

  7. iFi audio
    That was our goal. Enjoy!
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  8. cyclops214
    In my case my amp was too powerful For my SE846 I was at the very bottom of the volume Knob With very little play on my magni 3. So I picked this up About a month ago And it is The best $20 ever spent.
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  9. avitron142
    Has anyone compared these to the UE Buffer Jack? It's double the price, and was wondering if there it is different by principle.
  10. vector84
    At a quick glance:
    UE Buffer Jack ~4 ohms output impedance (and I can't find its attenuation factor)
    iFi Ear Buddy ~1.5 ohms output impedance (~15dB attenuation)
    (and iEMatch is ~1.0/2.5 ohms OI, ~12/24 dB attenuation)
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  11. SLC1966
    Just tried EarBuddy with Andromeda. Without EarBuddy my HRT iDPS had way to much hiss and volume was on the bottom. Mojo had mild annoying hiss and at bottom of volume control. Vali 2 was not usable due to volume and hiss. Straight out of iPhone SE worked fine except I needed more volume control.

    With EarBuddy all of them have the volume control I need and none of them have any hiss at all.

    So far impressed. I am not hearing any degradation of sound quality. I would like to know if anyone else with EarBuddy experience hears any degradation of sound quality.
  12. iFi audio
    We're glad that you like it!
  13. Roen
    Is the earbuddy attenuation similar to the High setting or the Ultra setting on the IEMatch?
  14. myusernameislove
    Hi, the restoration of bits is not in specs of iEMatch. Does it mean, that this feature is specific to EarBuddy only?
  15. Jackpot77
    My understanding is that neither the IEMatch or Earbuddy "restore" lost bits as such, they just allow outputs with digital volume control to be run closer to full capacity, which prevents the bit decimation occurring at the source end in the first place.
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