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  1. Roscoeiii
    Curious if anyone has tried an Earbuddy with the Campfire Andromeda? A very sensitive IEM with low impedance as well. I've read that 2 ohms seems to be the sweet spot for output impedance for the Andromeda. But that Andromeda are very picky on sources in terms of both the impact on the frequency response and hiss (Sony ZX2 seems to be widely praised with Andromeda BTW, and I've seen positive comments on iDSD Micro with it as well).
  2. masterstroke
    I was wondering; is this only effective with streamed music, or does it also have benefits for those who load music (hi-res or CD quality) onto the hard drives of their personal/portable music players?
  3. iFi audio
    If you're reffering to our EarBuddy, this product works for headphones/IEMs regardless of what's before these. It doesn't make any difference to EarBuddy whether your music is stored on HDD/SSD or streamed.
  4. masterstroke
    Thanks for the info. Yes it was EarBuddies. Reason for my query was that all the reviews (and your own web site) only mention streaming from Tidal & Spotify with no mention of loaded up music. Now that I'm informed I can now purchase. Thanks again.
  5. iFi audio
    Great, enjoy! Please tell us what you think once it arrives!
  6. masterstroke
    Would you believe that I've just received one in less than a day after ordering from Future Sounds (UK). That's service for you. Am trying it out as I write and there certainly appears to be no background noise or distortion with the volume up full on my personal music player and listening to files loaded onto the hard drive.
    Very impressed so far.
  7. Adide
    Link pls, thx?
    I had to get my Buddy from Amazon.com, could not find it in EU whatsoever.
    My local iFi distributor was not interested selling it, I think I've bothered him a bit with my not so expensive inquiries, silly me.
  8. masterstroke
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  9. masterstroke
    It was actually Future Shop & not Future Sounds as I stated in my previous post, and they are brilliant. Dispatched within an hour of receiving my order yesterday & I received the iFi early this morning.www.futureshop.co.uk
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  10. davidland
  11. csglinux
    Curious how these devices work. Nobody seems to have asked that question in the 5 pages on the thread so far.

    I presume we have a resistor in series and another in parallel to modify both input and output impedances?
  12. Oscar-HiFi
    @iFi audio what are your plans on making a 2.5mm balanced version of the Earbuddy?

    As I'm currently having to use a 2.5mm balanced to 3.5mm single ended converter, and then a 3.5mm to 6.3mm adaptor to use my IEM's with some amps that hiss.
  13. Roscoeiii
  14. iFi audio
  15. iFi audio
    We can't neither confirm nor deny :ksc75smile:
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