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iFi AC iPurifier - Video Mini Series - The look, the tech, the lowdown. MORE ADDED!

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  1. wakka992
  2. Richter Di
    Why would it?
  3. Richter Di
    PS: What do you exactly mean with Carbon Fibre. The German translation is not very helpful.
  4. NickedWicked
    It’s a joke, suggesting that it’s snake oil. But many people already confirmed added clarity with the noise out of the mains suppressed.

    It is a very worthwhile and not to mention very cheap addition to get the absolute maximum out of your setup as well as a diagnostic tool in my opinion.
  5. Richter Di
    I am not sure what you mean?

    a) The Carbon Fibre?
    b) The iPurifier, because I have three of them.
  6. nakamur-A-mon
    Carbon Fibre? I think they refer to nordost QV2 or Qk1 i had those 2 x QV2...those are wrap up with carbon fibre......had the ifi i purifer as well one of them
  7. NickedWicked
    Let's be honest, carbon fiber does nothing, it's the same as putting carbon fiber in your cars interior thinking it will go faster from 0 to 100kmh, it would just look nice nothing else.
  8. Matias
    It was a joke comparing the AC iPurifier to the Nordost Qv2, which has a carbon fiber chassis and sells for 3x the price...
  9. NickedWicked
    Well well, the amount of jokes in this thread. :^)
  10. iFi audio
    That's a nice view...
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  11. Richter Di
    Do you think they have a similar technology?
  12. nakamur-A-mon
    No they don't

    I had all 3 in comparison

    iFi ac purifier is a some sort of power conditioner that lower noise into like hifi system or dac I tried it on my system it does make a slight difference in clarity maybe 2 is better? and it has a additional polarity check

    Isoplug also same function used it on normal power strip it will work like a power conditioner but is more effective than iFi ac purifier which cost more in my country 2 x iFi ac purifier price = a Isoplug

    Nordost on the other hand is even more expensive than the 2 but it does different things it adds in pulsed frequencies to Increases the depth and realism of the musical performance and lower background noise and you must buy 2 pcs to hear the more precise changes that they will make.... provided you had a revealing system after adding 2 of the Qv2 my mid range, vocal clarity increases due to pulsed frequencies? and small details increases maybe due to the background noise lowered ........

    Last edited: Mar 12, 2018
    Richter Di likes this.
  13. Richter Di
    Very interesting. Thank you! I have three iPurifiers and this seems to be a magic number. I need to try the Nordost.
    iFi audio likes this.
  14. NickedWicked
    Personally I don’t think added “harmonic noise” with the Qv2 is a good thing if your aiming for a clean, natural sound. Whereas 3x iFI AC purifiers work together for a ridiculously low noise floor effectively eliminating AC noise and don’t aim to modify the sound in any way along with some very useful features.
  15. nakamur-A-mon
    hmmm what i think of Qv2 in my system are nice touch i was very impressed by it ,firstly i thought it was just snake oil then the retail person which i knew just let me took back those for trial test say i could just bring them back if i don't like....but after i plug in those i realize my system sounded damn good the effect is better than i upgrading power cord....i heard things like vocal having more depth, soundstage is wider and small things like birds chipping in the forest or person when tying her hair i able to hear them before that...are not that pronounce.....i thought i was maybe because i knew i added those....so might be mind trick....so i ask three of my friend come to try and they could tell me what they heard with and without those the difference then i was convince to brought those.....now is on my system not gonna remove those.......then few months later i saw these ifi ac purifier which looks like QV2 so i decided to give it a try see if the effect were the same....but i only heard slight difference when using it so maybe because of using only one?
    Last edited: Mar 13, 2018
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